Learn colour analysis techniques


  1. A selection of eBooks which will help you to learn and understand more about the colour analysis draping techniques that really do work.
  • our eBooks give clear tips and techniques on using your drapes along with photos to guide you
  • our techniques will give you confidence
  • they are so easy to pick up and follow


Who are they for:

  • those who are just starting out
  • for those who are stuck and cannot ‘see’ the changes in a clients features
  • for those who want a step by step process that is proven to work
  • for those who want detail in a simplistic way
  • for those who want a winning 3 step process that instills confidence in them


Benefits of our techniques:

  • you will be able to see clearly the changes that take place when using certain drapes to help you
  • you will understand that sometimes you have to ‘wait and be patient’ for the drapes to work, it isn’t about swishing 170+ drapes under a clients jaw line in a continuous stream
  • we look at the skin first and discover the undertone first and then the level of colour and not get overwhelmed by hair and eye colour which causes so much confusion for many consultants
  • you will know the signs to look for in every single colour session that you do


These eBooks are created by Sue to aid and guide you through doing colour sessions using tips and techniques that she learnt along the way. Having initially been trained by a well known company and then taking other courses Sue couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see changes when draping clients. She thought she was a failure and was silly for not being able to do colour sessions confidently. It was only after chatting to other individuals that she realised that the way she had been taught to drape didn’t work for clients of today with their body genetics plus too much emphasis was put on eye and hair colour and not enough time spent on skin tone, undertone and levels of colour.

So Sue set about creating techniques that helped her to see what the drapes were telling her in a much easier way and these have been used by many over the years and are 100% successful. Guaranteed.


Price £40.00 each


Learn colour analysis: Ebook


Colour analysis course: Seasonal Twist method eBook





Really well written with lots of information on colour theory, processes and examples. Rachel


So much information which is easy to absorb and work with. Really simple to use the techniques and yes they do work. Sandra


A source of inspiration and knowledge. So much colour information included and easy to follow and use. Hannah