Preview of some of the pages of the autumn colour guide eBook by QCIC. Each eBook has about 15 pages to it.

Colour analysis eBooks – Learn colour analysis. Learn in depth about the Seasonal colour analysis types.


Our eBooks will help you to understand the detail behind each season because:

  • they help you to understand the characteristics behind each season
  • they help you to understand how to create more outfits using your colour palette and exercises are included to help with this
  • we use nature as great examples in creating and combining colours in your palette that is so helpful and it gets you thinking and creating outside of the box
  • we don’t put you in a box we get you into creative thinking
  • we get you thinking about the energy behind colours and colour combinations which helps you to understand why you can feel overpowered and overwhelmed in some colours and while some colours leave you flat
  • using our exercises helps you to understand fully what colour combinations work right for you
  • we give you choices and options
  • we give you some great colour combination ideas to start you off


You will feel:

  • that you have a deeper understanding of your clients/yourself
  • that you know what you they/you are drawn to
  • you can dress with more colour options
  • more creatively and confident
  • understood
  • confident



Colour analysis seasons eBooks now available £8 each

Great for understanding more about yourself/clients and each season plus more besides. Discovering the depth of detail in each season and how you relate to each is really revealing. Realising too that for the majority of us we are MORE than one season and can have the personality traits of 2 really helps to understand what you are drawn to and why.

Showing you how to get the most out of your colour palette with some ideas to get you started.


Colour analysis eBook Autumns

Colour Analysis eBook Summer

Colour analysis eBook Winter

Colour analysis eBook Spring


Colour analysis eBook bundle 4 Seasons




Each eBook is about 15 pages long



QCIC colour analysis eBook spring Men, each book has about 15 pages to it.

Men colour analysis eBooks £8 each


Colour analysis eBook Spring – Men

Colour analysis eBook Autumn Men

Colour analysis eBook Winter Men

Colour analysis eBook Summer -Men

Colour analysis eBook bundle 4 Seasons Men






Now I understand why I’m drawn to 2 seasons, in my case spring and autumn. So much resonates and I have a much better understanding of what works for me wearing colour, my style and my home. Very helpful. Sue

These eBooks are full of detailed information about each season and I really like how Sue interlinks nature as colour palettes. Brilliant. Sarah.


There is so much info here which is helpful in understanding clients. Zoe.


I brought a copy for myself as I’m interested to learn more about how I can help myself and get more confident. So much information written in small helpful chunks and the exercises are really helpful in getting you thinking out side of the box and being more adventurous with colour combinations especially using contrasts and tones. Amazing value. Mark.


The guides are fabulous and the colour combination ideas have really helped me to get the most out of my wardrobe. A fantastic resource. Thank you for creating it Sue. Mary