Colour analysis Session


Not only will you discover some wonderful colours to wear but Sue will also show you how to wear them in a tonal and/or contrasting way which will be a match for your personality too.
Sue sees clients in Banstead, Surrey. She will also come to your home. Please see separate tab for details.

Sue will show you whether you have a cool undertone (blue) with pink tinges or warm undertone (yellow) with peach tinges to your skin. Your skin tone does not change as the years progress, it is the level of colour that you can wear that changes.


  • You get to see yourself reacting to colours differently and uniquely like never before
  • You get to see and witness how you interact and feel colour
  • You really understand why some colours work for you and lift your features and energy levels and you get to see too those that make your features droop and leave you energy-less
  • See your responses to colour through your own eyes in the photos that are taken during the session
  • You will understand how you can have the seasonal personality traits of 1 season and the colours of another which really compliment each other and bring you to a greater awareness of yourself.
  • Sue takes photos of you in many of the drapes plus colour combinations as a great visual reminder of what colours and combinations work for you and to get you started. 
  • You get a guidance notes with the visuals in PDF for future reference

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