Discovering that you have more than just a few colours to wear from your colour palette, you are the whole seasonal colour palette given the knowledge of knowing and embracing how all the colours inter connect and inter twine as you mix and match them to suit your personal taste and style type. That is the best part of wearing colour.

You are not just a few colours in your selected palette… are so much more and such a variety of colour combinations whichever sub section appeals to you most, bright, soft, clear, muted and warm/cool undertones.

Sue just loves discovering the colour stories of her clients. We all interact very differently with colour, some of us like lots of colour, others some and others really FEEL the effect of colour and this can make them wary of wearing it.Sue loves showing her clients how to embrace wearing colour and how to mix and match and have amazing outfits to wear with fewer clothes.

Colour has an energy mixed in it and a colour session will also highlight what balances you and what colours unbalance you. The great thing is that when you watch your video back of the session, it is very empowering to see yourself react to colour and the energies attached to them. It gives a much greater understanding and awareness of your relationship with colour.

Discovering how you personally relate to colour is a very important part of your personal journey. Its discovering which colours lift and elevate you and being aware of the ones that drag you down too. Every session is fascinating as we discover more and more about you.

In mid 2020 when Sue found she had more time on her hands, she needed something creative to do and was drawn to making necklaces. She started having so much fun and then a surprising thing happened, ladies asked to buy a necklace or 2 and through that Sue launched her necklaces. Beautiful beaded necklaces in 32 inches and 18 inches, made to just slip over the head.



Sue loves spending time in nature going for lovely long walks in the countryside and at the seaside. A former competitive swimmer at national and international level, Sue can be found exercising in her local pool, putting the guys through their paces and generally having a fun filled exercise session. She also sings in a choir and whilst she’ll never be a soloist, she just loves belting out songs from the west end shows.


Comments from others


Sue inspires and blesses us in so many ways. Cindi

Sue explanations of how colour affects your mood and energy is really informative.

I love Sue’s take on colour. I’m fascinated by her posts on FB

You have taught me so much about colour and its energy. I’ve long been fascinated about this subject and Sue is such a wealth of knowledge and information. Cheray