Modern, simplified learning techniques in Colour Analysis & Personal Styling

If you’re looking to learn Colour Analysis & Personal Styling in an easier way, you’re in the right place.We removed the dated ways of working and have made it easier to follow a clear 3 step path which QCIC has created which is tried, tested and proven to work, its also learnt quickly and easily which enables YOU to give your customers an amazing experience.


Personal Coaching

Do you struggle with clothes shopping? Sue will help you understand why some clothes work and some do not.

Group Training

An easy to learn method of doing colour analysis that will guarantee successful colour analysis sessions every time.

On-line training

Access to an on-line learning hub will lead you to a Diploma in Colour Analysis Certificate

Online shop

All drape kits are made to order and are dispatched within 24 hours of ordering.

Drop Me a Line

For more information, call QCIC on 01737 354654 or use the contact form.


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