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Wardrobes and cupboards over flowing with clothes, yet you have nothing to wear


A personal shopping experience in your own home – Create more outfits from what you already have


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Is this you?

  • Do you often buy items of clothing you like and just park them in the wardrobes and cupboards where they remain concealed and forgotten about?
  • Your wardrobes and cupboards are so packed you cannot see the potential of how individual garments can make an outfit
  • You just cannot see how to put garments together to work for you
  • You are in despair at all the clothes you have and feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to sort them out


Let’s get the contents of your wardrobes and cupboards working for you.


You will be amazed at how many potential outfits you already have. Its like going shopping in your own home.


How this coaching session works:

  • Sue comes to your home for this 1 day session which commences at 10am and finishes at 3pm.
  • Sue will email you a style personality questionnaire to be completed and discussed in a 30 minute 1-2-1 video chat 1 week prior to the coaching session in your home
  • Sue will browse your garments and put together outfits that suit you and your style personality
  • Sue will take photos of you in the outfits in order to generate a style look book which will be forwarded to you in PDF format a few days after your coaching session so that you can print it off and hang it in your wardrobe for future reference
  • Some garments may be identified as not working for you so that you can release them to a charity shop so that they stop clogging your wardrobe
  • Sue may identify a couple of key pieces for you to purchase and give advice on this



Benefits to you

  • You will be amazed at the outfits created and you’ll love wearing them
  • You will understand how to create outfits more easily following Sue’s guidance
  • You’ll be more confident in your own unique style because you will understand you better
  • You’ll see what works for your body shape
  • Sue will give advice on colours and colour combinations that work for you
  • Your wardrobes will be better organised and you’ll be able to easily see what options you have
  • Having a professional fun personal stylist to guide you and open your eyes and mind to possibilities which uplift and inspire you



Geographical area covered

Sue is based in Surrey and happily travels around the UK to see her clients



Your investment in you, understanding how to create more outfits from what you already have in your own home:  £950.00


Pay for your coaching session or buy as a gift voucher. If you are a UK resident you can pay by Bacs if you prefer.







On-line booking calendar

  1. Click the link below to view availability and to reserve a date and time slot
  2. You will receive an email confirming your reservation.
  3. Your reservation will be confirmed
  4. You will receive a PayPal invoice for you to complete payment with any credit/debit card. You can pay by Bacs if you prefer.
  5. Once payment is received, your booking will be confirmed.


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We stand 100% behind this service and know you will benefit from it. However if we do not deliver what we say on this web page we will refund your money to the original purchaser. 



Get in touch to book this coaching session by calling 01737 354654 or send an email here

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