Visual aids – Men

A variety of photos demonstrating why the level of colour is important.

Discuss with your groups why:

  • Using colour to make a great first impression every single time
  • Understanding why colour undertone is important to know to avoid looking tired/drawn/ill
  • Understanding why wearing dull or barely there colours cannot lift our energy levels
  • Understanding why wearing bold colours can put people off
  • Suit & shirt combinations – what works, what over powers, what doesn’t mix, what is uninspiring & dated


Great conversations using visuals that connect and get interactive with your groups and or individuals.


Create your own personal branding documents



Levels of colour include a variety of pastels & suit colours



  • Print them off and laminate them
  • Load them on your laptop for personal development sessions
  • Make a power point presentation for larger audiences



QCIC colour analysis visuals



PRICE £125.00 

A variety of 60+ images


To purchase the visuals, click here

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