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Colour analysis draping – self taught

Conversational instruction on suggested ways of draping your clients for 4 Seasons, 12 Tones and the Seasonal Twist method.


11 video recordings of live streamed colour analysis sessions – you feel like you’re in the room with us. Guidance notes included.


These videos of live streamed colour sessions will really help you to see the changes that occur when draping.

  • They give an insight into how to drape and that is for any method. Whilst Sue teaches the Seasonal Twist™ method of colour analysis it incorporates the 4 seasons and tonal levels too and so is a match to the 4 seasons and tonal methods of draping.
  • They show you how long to wait for the changes to happen, sometimes its quick and sometimes it takes a few minutes. You get to see that.
  • You get to see clients with mixed visual messages and how to work with them
  • You also get to see video reviews of the sessions. 
  • You get to see clients relax into the sessions and enjoy watching them open up to their personal colour story. 
  • You get to see how relaxed and fun the sessions are.
  • You will also see that clients hair and eye colour are not a deciding factor on which season/tone they are. Sue always says in her teachings that clients can have ANY hair or eye colour. The drapes do the demonstrating….always keep an open mind and do not make an assumption before draping.
  • The videos are close ups.
  • The videos cover as many varied individuals as possible. 
  • Some of the sessions are really challenging too which is great to observe and to experience
  • You get to hear what clients say about colour, their colour blockages and releases, the stories they attach to colours and so much more.
  • Please note you have unlimited access to the videos on-line but you cannot download them. 
  • Guidance notes are included that work alongside the videos.




Sessions covered include: models with blue skin tones, models with yellow skin tones, models with mixed skin tones so finding the dominant one, dark and medium skin tones as well as English and European. Some models are really easy to discover their colour story whilst others are challenging! 


Why Sue created these videos


When Sue recently started live streaming colour sessions to her trainees in her on-line programme it was a game changer for everyone because it motivated and energised all who participated. It enhanced the training so much. The camera captured so many changes on the clients faces, it was so much better than any of us thought it would be. On top of that seeing how each client was transformed and to get their reaction too. As trainees say, its just like being in the room with Sue, its an incredible learning/observational experience. 

What it also brought to everyone’s attention is the diversity of visual messages presented before them in hair colouring, skin combinations, eye colours and how it is worth while taking them in BUT letting the drapes do the story telling. It is amazing how many times you look at someone and make an assumption on their visual message and then find out that the drapes tell you something different.  Too many companies focus on eye and hair colour which is incorrect. The drapes guide you and taking your time allows this to happen.

It doesn’t matter which method you use, you’ll pick up some great advice and ways of draping that are proven to work.

Pick up some great tips on doing colour sessions. Learn to trust your drapes.

Relax and have fun colour sessions. Stop putting yourself under pressure.



Your investment empowering yourself and your clients is: £350.00 


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Customer comments:

“What an amazing experience watching these videos and the reviews of the sessions. You do feel like you’re in the room. The sessions are so relaxed and fun and you pick up some great tips for using the drapes. I’ve experienced too by watching how Sue uses her drapes in such a helpful way which enables you to see what the drapes are telling you and that you cannot rush through draping. I can also understand now how eye and hair colour are not key elements in the deciding factor of which season that they fit. I really appreciate too that its demonstrated that not all clients are easy to decipher which season they are which is great learning. These videos offer you some really great examples for doing colour sessions” Julia.

“I use the seasonal and tonal methods of colour analysis….I have learnt so much from watching these live streamed sessions. I love watching how Sue works the drapes in a specific method in order to get the hints from them about skin tone first then the level of colour. I also appreciate how Sue brings in other aspects of colour relation to personalities and personal energy fields. Extremely helpful” Loraine.

” I use the 4 seasons method of colour analysis and I have benefited from watching and learning how Sue uses the drapes to guide you through the colour sessions. It is very helpful to get such great tips and I love how Sue just has such a good time with her models. Sue has inspired me with her suggestions and when seeing the reviews her suggestions for adding value to a session is beneficial to all”. Marilyn 

“Great tips from Sue which make doing colour easy”

“The variety of models for these colour sessions is really helpful….all ages, all hair colours, which is really important to know how and why any colour hair can fit into any season. That was a big takeaway for me”

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