Talks and breakout sessions


Sue is a witty and engaging speaker who brings a sense of fun and engagement to her talks.

Her vast experience includes speaking on the P&O cruise ship Arcadia where she spent many a happy hour interacting with her audiences.

Sue is not a traditional image consultant, she is a modern personal stylist whose method is one of coaching not telling and her audiences appreciate this. She understands how ‘feeling’ right in your clothes is more important than current trends. She also demonstrates how colour plays such a great part in the way we ‘feel’ in our clothes. 

Her topics include:

  • style personalities…what garments and outfits appeal individually
  • what to wear for business when a suit isn’t required
  • colour combinations and patterns in business
  • self care



Sue’s talks are just right for ladies corporate events and as a break out workshop at a conference.


Contact Sue to discuss your requirements for your talk on 01737 354654 or send an email

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