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Discover the wonderful world of Style personalities on-line or 1-2-1 training with Sue

“Personal styling is soooooo much more than what you wear”.

Personal Style, its much more than fashion. Its the whole person you’re dressing, the role they are choosing to dress in and role play each day; its understanding the interaction they have with colour, texture, design and so much more. It is amazing how someones personal style interacts with their own lives, jobs, hobbies, interests, holiday destinations and music, its everything included. Its about understanding how to evolve each persons personal style, how to up-level it when required, how to adjust it a little when they need to feel calm and peaceful, how to tone up the colour and colour combinations and overall to give your clients the gift of confidence for any situation/life event they are going through. There is no greater gift you can give a client than their confidence.


You will love this programme if you are:

  • a clothes designer
  • a boutique owner
  • a colour consultant/coach
  • run style workshops
  • love clothes shopping and want to know more
  • run colour & style workshops



About You

  • You understand that personal styling goes deeper than just putting people in the latest trends
  • You understand that fabrics have a profound effect on each of our clients
  • You have an inkling that clients can have more than one style personality.
  • You know that different style looks can be adapted to each client. They are not stuck in a box forever and a day, style personalities can and do change as we go through life.
  • You want to be a personal styling coach which is a softer guiding way rather than a bossy consultant
  • You understand that personal styling is more than just clothes taking into account feeling, touch and experiencing it
  • You are interested in a variety of ways of working and want to discover how you can do this
  • You are looking for support, mentoring and encouragement
  • You want to interact with fellow trainees because you know that there is a world of opportunities out there ready and waiting for you and that there is no need to be competitive about grabbing and taking from others. There is more than enough for everyone of us
  • You are interested to establish you could be your ideal client matches and how to call them in by using words, video and images to do this
  • You are interested in finding out how to advise on business casual looks as you realise that there are many business people who do not need suiting and booting who need some styling help.



 We work through style types: 


Group 1:

You have a tendency to dress in dark clothing and in flowing creative styles – your quest is how to adapt your style for business so that you are taken seriously and embrace colour which will soften your look but will honour your creative streak.


Group 2:

You much prefer to dress casually, often in blue and green colours because you feel really good and grounded in them. Your quest is to up level your look for business but in such a way that you can still move. You often feel restricted and confined when wearing a suit because  you feel uncomfortable when your movement is restricted.


Group 3:

You are really drawn to vibrant colours and can wear some interesting flamboyant colour combinations. You love wearing colour because it gives you energy but in business you need help adapting and tweaking your colour combinations so that you are approachable. You are aware that sometimes how you currently choose to wear colour puts people off, of approaching you as you come across as loud and overly confident.


Group 4:

You have a preference for boxy shaped clothing and colours of creams and browns which can come across as dull and unimaginative. You are aware that in business your current style can be perceived as old fashioned. Your quest is to up level and update your look in a way that embraces your choice of boxy shapes whilst embracing more colour and balance.


Group 5:

Oh how you love everything to be matching and have a keen eye for detail. You always appear to be over dressed for many occasions because you really struggle with separates. Your quest is to embrace separates and a more relaxed business look especially if you are a trainer or coach.  


There is choice and opportunity to up-level our style and it is seeing this through the colours we wear, the fabrics we select, the patterns and designs we are drawn to, the detailing and going with the flow of selecting what is right for us and our clients. It is knowing what to look for, where to shop….are we restricted in where we shop or is there choice in every shop on every budget. 

Personal styling is a role we choose everyday, from doing the school run, the supermarket shop, meeting friends for coffee/tea/lunch, our work and businesses….we select a role and a look, it is learning how small snippets of knowledge and wisdom can open your awareness to other style choices.

In this on-line programme which started in October 2017 we will look at:

  • how style types are attracted to certain garments
  • how materials and textures make a world of difference when styling clients
  • how designs or block colours influence our clients choices
  • how colour combinations fit into our wardrobe of clothes
  • how detailing can make or break a look
  • once you know and understand your clients personal styling needs you can then de-clutter their wardrobe & cupboards, how to do it, what to remove and what to keep and the time frames that work
  • Personal shopping, identifying what is required and getting those essential pieces and/or just taking clients shopping without any other services being used
  • and much more



What you’ll learn

  • In order to offer personal styling services for women, you really have to understand their style personality first and foremost because with that comes the understanding of the textures that appeal to them and which ones do not.
  • When you understand style personalities it is very easy to do personal shopping and be very successful at it.
  • When you understand how to upgrade your clients personal style by mixing different looks, colour combinations, designs, fabrics, it becomes a breeze to do.
  • When you understand your clients style personalities you can then declutter their wardrobes and cupboards with ease and they will really understand why garments are being cleared out.
  • Not everyone can afford to dispense with the majority of garments in their possession so we will look at how to make what they currently have work for them until they can replace them with better options.
  • Your clients will really understand themselves better, why they buy what they do, how to upgrade their look, dress for any occasion.
  • And then you can go shopping.
  • Also on this course we will look at how to offer packages on-line that will enable you to work with more customers too.



How it all works

  • You join the on-line programme once your payment has been successful where you have access to the lessons, guidance notes, audios and videos talking your though specific areas of styling personalities.
  • Handouts are available for you to download and use.
  • 1 x 60 minute monthly webinars with Sue which are recorded live and afterwards it is placed in the webinar vault where you can listen to it especially if you couldn’t make it live on the call. the vault of webinars is already established and will grow to become a substantial learning resource which you can access any time you wish.
  • The webinars are held on every other Thursday at 8pm UK time zone
  • The webinars are recorded ‘in person’ meaning we all get to hang out and you can ask questions and get answers in real time, a really great way to enrich the webinar and coaching/learning experience.
  • Sue will talk you through and/or offer coaching and guidance on style related topics as well as seeking and finding paying customers.
  • You can see Sue live on the webinars and as from May 10th we can now see each other too which enhances each learning and coaching experience. 
  • An ever increasing vault of webinars which will inspire, educate and raise your confidence
  • Personal coaching is available, daytime, evening or Saturday, we meet in a virtual meeting room where we can see each other and your questions are answered in real time. The coaching session is recorded so you can review your sessions.
  • 1-2-1 video coaching sessions for specific topics that only you need to discuss privately with Sue




Price: £495.00 

To get started click this link to the on-line learning hub:



Please note to pay via PayPal click the dollar amount $680.00


Learning with Sue 1-2-1 in person


If you would prefer to have Sue come to your home to train you, this can be arranged. A 2 day training with practical shopping excursion to really help you to see it, feel it and understand the concept behind successful personal shopping trips, fabrics and colours.

Then you would be welcomed into the on-line hub to continue your connection with Sue and fellow trainees.

Cost of this 1-2-1 training is £2250.00 per person.

Please get in touch to arrange to have a chat with Sue by calling 01737 354654 or send an email here

This training can also be added to a colour analysis course too.


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