Fabulous Visuals

Fabulous visuals - demonstrate why the level of colour your wear, the undertone of the colour matter

  • Get people talking over our amazing visuals. 60+  visuals demonstrating how different colours look plus 2 short power point presentations with images. The title page can be changed to add your own wording/spelling.
  • Individual images with correct colours and incorrect colours. Some with make up and some not.
  • The object of the visuals is to get people comparing and talking about the differences the images show in what is the best one.
  • Created by Sue Cocks our founder and used by her and many others to get her talks and workshops interactive. 
  • The images come in a zip files which you can download after purchasing, click open the files and save to your computer. Use the images in power point, on social media, websites or print them off and laminate them. 
  • A variety of nationalities are used

A selection of images available are shown below. 

Please note: Quintessential Colours International Coaching hold the worldwide copyright of these images. No resell rights are given and it is illegal to copy and sell them to others.





The visuals are created by Sue Cocks our founder who regularly needs visuals for talks. A variety are included which also demonstrate make up choices especially in the age of super sculpting make up which a lot of businesses have an issue with as the employee's visual message comes across as fake meaning can't be trusted and they can be used in personal development sessions.



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How the downloads work

  1. First you pay and once payment is complete a payment page will open up on your computer and the downloads are there.
  2. Double click the links one at a time. They will download to a box at the bottom of your computer screen.
  3. Right click and save to your computer.
  4. Please note you need to download immediately and we recommend that you are on a laptop or desktop to do this.

A selection of visuals to help you explain colour in various skin tones, hair and eye colours

Price: £125.00

Shipping: £0.00

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