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Four Seasons Colour analysis frames

How would you like a great display tool for your talks PLUS use them for your newsletters, blogs and social media posts too.

Watch Sue demonstrate some of the frames in real time and see for yourself what happens

Talks and workshops

Sue knows from her own personal experiences when starting out and having listened to many hundreds of fellow colour consultants, the frustration of not getting bookings from talks. You put a lot of time and energy into preparing them and the audience tell you what an interesting talk you gave but bookings just don’t seem to happen like you’d hope for and this leaves you doubting yourself.

The day that the penny dropped for Sue was the day she gave a talk and used a visual that gave her audience the WHYthey needed to book a session with her. And this is why she created these colour analysis frames to help you to give your audience the WHY they should book a session with you. Using these frames to demonstrate the difference the undertone does using a 50/50 split of the frames as shown in the video really grabs your audiences attention. As one lady said to Sue after ‘that’ talk, I have listened to several talks by image consultants which were interesting, BUT you showed me WHY I needed to book  a colour session urgently. You can have this reaction too.

“A group of 16 ladies on a 2 hour workshop totally loved these colour frames, they had so much fun holding the frames around their faces, taking photos of each one, then selecting the best one. They couldn’t believe the impact colour made to their faces, from the beginning of the workshop to the end they were totally hooked in”. Sue



  • Bring fun and interaction to your talks and workshops
  • Print the frames out and demonstrate the frames by holding them either around your face or fold in half and place either side of  your jaw line as demonstrated in the video.
  • Create REAL interest in your colour analysis sessions
  • Will get your audience laughing and genuinely interested in what the effects colour has on them and encourage them to book.
  • Teaching students in make-up and hair styling, gets them to see the importance of warm and cool skin tone.
  • Get a model to sit in a chair, you stand behind them and hold the frames either side of the models face and be amazed at the audience reaction to the changes they see happening in real time.



How the downloads work

  1. First you pay and once payment is complete a payment page will open up on your computer and the download is there.
  2. The zip file will download to a box at the bottom of your computer screen.
  3. Double click to open it and then save to your computer.
  4. Please note you need to download immediately and we recommend that you are on a laptop or desktop to do this.





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