Colour Analysis Training


Colour analysis has been available for many years and it all started out by philosophers who discovered a link between painting for art and selecting harmonious colours which were pleasing to the eye and in as much when you viewed the pieces of art you ’felt’ a connection to the colours that created this wonderful vision of art work. Over the years other philosophers discovered that wearing colours together was indeed very appealing, although they didn’t have the colour options that were available today. But this was the start.

As the years pass, more was discovered about pairing up colours together for people to embrace wearing and as more colours became available the whole colour consulting industry was born.

Also another really interesting factor is coming out which is people are really beginning to ‘feel’ the colours they wear and also how this affects them on a daily basis. A lot of this has come out due to the changing work options especially since 2020 and the world wide changes that have taken place.






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