Colour analysis drapes: Digital drapes 4 Seasons


4 seasons digital drapes. Can be used with Power Point and/or Photoshop

These very easy to use digital drapes colour match material drapes and open up the possibility of working on-line offering colour analysis services.

  • You will need power point or photo shop software on your computer to use these digital drapes. Power Point is installed already on most computers.
  • The drapes are already set up, all you have to do is upload a head shot of your client and fit it into the blank box above each digital drape.
  • You and your client can see themselves in the colours and it will be clear to see which colours work and which ones need pairing with wow colours to make outfits.
  • You save, download and then email the digital colour session to your client which they can also use as their personal colour palette
  • To add a name to a colour, in PowerPoint add a text box under each colour.

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