Virtual colour analysis

The ‘secret’ to wearing colours successfully


How would you love to know which colours suit you?

  • You send us some photos of yourself in high definition, which is a full face and shoulder
  • We scan your photo and do a series of colour matching in various colours to decide your skin tone, cool or warm and then decide the level of colour
  • We then analyse your photo in the 4 seasons to decide which colours look the best on you
  • We will provide you with a framed picture of yourself like the ones below where you can see the results of the analysis
  • We will also send you a colour palette for your chosen season, which you can save as a photo on your computer, then save it to your phone as a reminder of which colours look best on you.
  • We will also send you a guidance sheet on the colours choices selected for you and advice on how to combine wearing them.

Discover how ‘old fashioned’ ideas/generational thinking/so called media & style experts, really don’t help us out

So we’re led to believe that black is slimming and makes anyone look good?? Really


We’re told black and white is a fabulous combination??




















How the colour analysis on line works:

  • You will need to send us some good quality photos of yourself in natural daylight from the shoulders up without make-up or very little (no tans artificial or natural, no coloured contact lens) after you have paid for your on line colour analysis
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your photos
  • Sue will analyse your photo and scan and prepare your 10+ page visual and written report in PDF format for you to save or print so that you can see and understand why Sue has come to the conclusions that she has.
  • We will send you your selected colour palette (see below) to save as a picture on your computer, tablet and your phone. If you wanted to you can purchase a material swatch with 30 colours in it for £20.00.
  • You will receive your results in approximately 24 hours or less.


What we do to determine your skin undertone and colouring:

  • We scan your photos using facial colouring software, we look at your hair, eyes, skin and lips
  • We test loads of different colours to determine your skin undertone which will result in us knowing if you look better in warm or cool colours
  • We then test your face using lots of colours to determine the level of colour that gives you the WOW factor
  • You will receive the images of the scans included in your report so that you can see for yourself what works an what doesn’t

Your report includes:

  • Suggested colour combinations for you in visual and written format
  • Seasonal colour information in guidance notes
  • The meanings behind some colours which will be beneficial for you to know as this affects how you feel in certain colours
  • Identify your base neutral colours which are the foundation of any capsule wardobe building and your best neutrals too.
  • Your colour palette to keep on your phone or tablet
























This professional service is £75.00 


To place your order, click here


Please get in touch if you have any questions by calling 01737 354654 or send a message  here



You can be confident that the photos you supply will not be used, passed on or sold to others. Once the on-line analysis is done and your report sent to you, the photos you supplied are deleted.


“When I first saw the Face book advert I wasn’t sure but saved the link anyway…..was it going to be any good I said to myself? doesn’t this have to be done in person?? Well times have moved on and whilst Sue does offer in person colour sessions I live at the other end of the country to her so that was out.  I am soooo glad I ordered my colour scan, so brilliant, really helpful information. Do it” Lucy

“I’m very impressed with this service, I received so much helpful information which I can immediately put to use” Mel.

“I am very impressed with the on-line analysis and the report I received from Sue. In it she explains how she came to the conclusions she has and I can see for myself that it is right. Really pleased I did this”. Maria. Spain

“I’ve always wondered about colours and how you wear them and I’ve been interested for ages in having my colours done but couldn’t afford an in person session. This on-line version really suited me it has given me some great ideas and I can clearly see how Sue has come to the decision that she has about me. Brilliant”. Tia.Istanbul

“How wonderful to see such a professional on-line colour analysis, there is such a need and I jumped at the chance to have a virtual session. The report I received was very simple to understand, was clear in the process involved and I was very happy with the results”. Penny. UK

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