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  • with 11 live streamed colour sessions & reviews for you to watch 
  • daytime webinars and group coaching during the week and weekend too.
  • We started our on-line programme in September 2016 and there are already over 40 webinars to watch 
  • 1-2-1 video coaching
  • community environment



3 highly effective steps to colour analysis success every time, guaranteed.


In the good old days and still too much even today, there was/is one way of draping clients which makes it difficult to identify skin tone and level of colour. Having really struggled with this way of using drapes Sue a better way was needed. Also laser focusing on eye and hair colour was just plain daft in most cases because it stopped you seeing what the drapes were telling you.

For Sue and hundreds of fellow and wannabe colour coaches, there had to be an easier way of doing colour analysis. An easier way with clear starting points that make deciding warm or cool skin tone easy and an easier way to determine the level of colour whichever method you choose to use.


As a training company helping you to understand that hair colour does not put you into a specific season. This causes no end of struggle for many people who have been taught that this is truth. It is NOT. Due to genetics (body make up) clients today can have for any colour hair for a season and that includes red. Eye colour is the same too. 


“Sue’s energy and passion are electric….it is so lovely to have a coach and trainer like this”

About You 

  • You are looking for a course where support, mentoring and encouragement are given
  • You know that colour goes deeper than just the colour itself
  • You want to do colour in an unrestricted way, in a way that fits you
  • You don’t want dated ways of doing colour, you want modern techniques that have been proven to work
  • You understand that we can ‘play’ with colour and use it to benefit ourselves and others
  • You want to be inspired and have regular contact with others training too and are open to modern methods of doing this




What colour anaylsis isn’t – the original and very true experience Sue had

When I had my colours done many years ago, it was as though I’d entered a clinical trial in a very sterile atmosphere as the consultant wrapped me in a white cape, put my hair in a white shower cap and removed my make up and then sat me right by her front room window so that those walking by could see me!!!!!….can you image that!!! which didn’t exactly leave me in a relaxed state!!! Actually I wanted to bolt from the house but felt glued to the chair, the consultant then put on a white doctors coat (which really alarmed me, I was half expecting plastic gloves to be put on next) and she then proceeded to swish hundreds of drapes around my jawline at high speed!!! This was not the experience I thought I was going to have!!

When the consultant had finished draping (or so I thought) some some make-up was applied…..OMG……..lets just say…not my look at all!

And then unbelievably more drapes were swished under my jaw line. I’d lost the will by then and just went into some sort of trance (basically i switched off completely). I was identified into a season, given a swatch which identified which wow colours I needed to wear for ever and shoved out of the door as another customer was due. 

I was in total shock, please don’t let anyone be around I prayed as I bolted for my car (luckily there wasn’t) and I drove home, stunned at the experience I’d just had.

What colour analysis is

  • Its all about the client, what they FEEL good in, it isn’t about you. 
  • Its about discovering together what is right for them whilst allowing them to turn the volume up and down on the strength of colour if they so wish.
  • It is about discovering together which colours and the corresponding energies work for the client and how to be aware of the ones that do not.
  • It is about taking our techniques and adapting them so that every client you see has an interesting and enriching experience.
  • We give you the language templates…for example, we suggest the wording bright or soft of each season, this is so that you can grasp the techniques quickly and easily. They are words that clients understand easily too….it is up to you whether or not you use these words or use your own. Your clients will be mini versions of you, so the words and ways you work will be a match.
  • It is about the client understanding what looks good on them and giving them some guidance on this, it isn’t about you wafting a load of drapes under the jawline thinking it will make you look good.
  • It is about giving your client a few colour options and letting them discover the world of colour at the shops.
  • It is about explaining that the swatch is a guidance tool NOT a these are the wow colours you must wear for the rest of your days. That blocks clients in, it is important to give them the freedom of choice under guidance.
  • It is about defining your clients skin tone easily and advising them of this; it isn’t about looking at their eyes and hair and without so much as a courtesy drape or wand stating that you think XYZ!! The drapes and wands guide you not your guess work. 
  • It is about giving guidance on the level of colour along with the undertone of the colour that is a match for each client, it isn’t about saying you are a ‘bright’ or a ‘soft’ so you can wear both warm and cool colours. This is  misconception and confuses clients who would go away muddled because we all know that we have either a warm or cool skin tone (yellow based or blue based) and due to genetics sometimes a mix so its about finding the dominant one.


Sue learnt the traditional way by placing the drapes in front of you and comparing 4 sets of the same colour together and she very quickly found that it wasn’t as easy as she thought. She struggled to find a starting point and sometimes would be 4 colours in before she found it, which made her extremely tense. Clients couldn’t help either as they couldn’t see enough of a difference in their skin tones when doing the draping and you couldn’t say to them can you see one that pops out at you? That wouldn’t have made her look very professional. For a while Sue actually stopped doing colour because she thought she was useless at it. It was only after having conversations with many other colour consultants at a conference who had also stopped doing colour because they couldn’t get started and found the traditional process difficult that Sue realised that it was the traditional draping methods that were not working for today’s clients, not the consultants themselves.


And also because of one of Sue’s first lovely customers who, when she was struggling to remember certain words that she was ‘told’ she had to use, her customer said “Sue, all I want to know is what undertone I have and the level of colour that I need to wear. That’s it, just please give me that”  WOW, Keeping it super simple.

Loved that……….Keep it super simple

So having figured this out, Sue set about creating an easier way of working doing colour which gives clear starting points, a re-checking point and breaking down the need to compare zillions of drapes in one session. What Sue has created are 3 proven steps to colour analysis success which incorporate the need to clearly help identify a clients skin tone with ease.




The Seasonal Twist™ colour analysis method offers you a simple, yet highly effective way of using drapes in a better way that empowers the colour coach and helps the client to understand colour in a much easier way.

It is based on 4 warm tones and 4 cool tones, which are:

Warm tones: Bright Spring & Soft Spring and Bright Autumn and Soft Autumn

Cool tones: Bright Winter and Soft Winter and Bright Summer and Soft Summer

  • Learn to use your drapes in a much better way. A clear starting point and a rechecking point. 
  • Discover how easy it is to determine warm/cool skin tones
  • Discover how easy it is to determine the  level of colour your client can wear
  • We focus on the holistic qualities of colour



Using other methods of colour analysis, no problem, you are very welcome to join us as we already have ladies with us doing just so and you’ll pick up some great tips too. Our steps and processes work across all methods of colour analysis.


Here’s the QCIC Foundational principles we will cover in-depth on the course


Foundational principle 1: How to start your colour consultations in an easy, stress free way using the drapes. How they work, why they work and why they’re so important in the colour analysis process. This works across any colour analysis method.

Foundational principle 2: How to use the colour analysis wands to identify and confirm cool and warm skin tones/dominant skin tone and the level of colour/season that matches your clients’ skin tone.

Foundational principle 3: Using your drapes, using words that connect with your client and identifying great colours for your client without limiting them.

Foundational principle 4: Using your base colours to give your client a superb colour analysis consultation. The best gift you can give your client is to show them wonderful colour combinations that will work for them in any given social or professional situation. Bringing consultations to a close with a WOW.





What’s different about our techniques


  • We use modern methods of draping that make it so easy to see what lifts the clients features and what causes the facial features to drop
  • We use tried and tested techniques in use by many throughout the world and they really do work.
  • A clear starting point plus a rechecking point
  • Follow our simple highly effective 3 step process and you cannot go wrong.
  • Our amazing colour wands are brilliant in guiding you as are our draping methods but you don’t need the colour wands to learn with us
  • Sue found where the struggles were in traditional colour analysis methods and transformed them into ways that work, simply and very effectively. If you are using other methods, you’ll pick up some great tips which will benefit you.
  • Sue will watch you practicing draping on 3 family members/friends in 1 hour separate sessions via a live video link so that you can get drape confident
  • From May 22nd our webinars will be videoed live where we get to see each other which really enhances the learning experience.  
  • From 6th June 2018 we will be live streaming colour sessions so that you can witness an actual draping sessions done by Sue. You can interact and ask questions as we go along. These sessions offer continuous learning and you being able to see a variety of ladies with different visual looks. These sessions happen every few days at different times of the day and days of the week.

Live streamed colour sessions


  • There are 11 live streamed colour sessions to watch and there are also reviews of the sessions too.
  • They are really beneficial because you can see an actual colour session taking place.
  • Its just like being there in the room.



Sessions covered include: models with blue skin tones, models with yellow skin tones, models with mixed skin tones so finding the dominant one, dark and medium skin tones as well as English and European. Some models are really easy to discover their colour story whilst others are challenging! 



“I was watching the very first colour live stream session, it was so easy to see the changes as they occurred, the good and the not so good. You felt you were there in the room with Sue and the close-up of the models face was just so helpful. Brilliant, can’t wait for the next one” 

“Such a great way of learning and witnessing the draping process….I’m a convert to this way of learning”

“Just like being in the classroom only better”

There is SO much support here for you


 The benefits to you: A continuous programme of learning, coaching and mentoring.
  • Continuous membership
  • Fortnightly 60 minute live video gathering teaching & coaching call via a virtual classroom which really enhances the experience.. That is over 20 webinars annually.
  • There are over 30 webinars that have already taken place and are available to watch
  • Personal coaching – which can be done either during the week, evenings or at weekend via live video streaming so no costly telephone calls and we get to ‘meet’ in person. 
  • FB group – grow friendships with others, we are not competitors
  • You receive on-going learning through the on-line hub where you learn the skills to create amazing collages that demonstrate your knowledge to your potential clients using visuals that you can use on social media and in your blogs which will help to generate interest in what you offer.
  • Our webinar topics cover many subjects and topics because colour is a never ending topic of discussion


 “So reassuring to have Sue’s down to earth approach when you feel like you’re chasing your tail!!”

“That calm practicality combined with a wicked sense of humour is just what’s needed to stop you in your tracks and point you in the right direction again. I can’t thank Sue enough for the advice I’ve had”



Will I be able to work with the technology as I struggle with it. That’s a fear of many people.

Sue is self taught on the computer, she isn’t a computer geek, so she totally understands your fear and that is why she has chosen software that is extremely easy to navigate and use. 


This is our on-line learning hub



Our live streaming and webinars using Zoom.

We send invites out via email so that you can join the live webinars and see each other, ask questions, observe actual colour sessions in real time. 


Desk/lap top, tablet and mobile compatible. 

Benefits for YOU


  • You will learn the best and easiest draping methods available to determine a clients skin tone and level of colour whichever method you choose to use
  • Because colour is so much more than what you wear…….and you already have an inkling about this
  • You are not working through the programme on your own
  • You get ongoing mentoring through personal and group coaching
  • Learning on-line is very easy and fits around school hours and holidays
  • Learning on-line means that you can learn as and when you want to by dipping in and out around other commitments.
  • You are not doing this alone as you know that Sue will personally observe you via video link using your drapes.
  • Interactive webinars were you can ask questions live and get answers direct from Sue and your fellow trainees, a great learning environment.
  • The momentum of the 2 week cycle keeps you motivated and moving forwards




 How it works

  • You have access to an on-line learning hub where you can see the programme written in lessons and with the use of images.
  • You will practice the steps on your own models as you go through the programme and will interact with  Sue Cocks as you do this.
  • You take the programme at your own pace and work your way through the lessons in whichever order you wish and is right for you personally.
  • You are invited to join in the 2 x monthly Q&A coaching call with Sue which is a live video broadcast in a virtual classroom which really enhances the learning and coaching experience. The webinars are recorded and are placed in the webinar vault afterwards.
  • Weekend coaching groups looking at various topics and group/individual coaching 
  • You get in touch to set up your 3 live video training sessions so that Sue can observe you draping a family member/friend
  • You get to interact with your fellow trainees on the webinars and you can ask questions and get answers in real time.
  • You get personal coaching sessions with Sue in a private virtual classroom setting, the session is video recorded and made available only to you.
  • On successful completion of the programme and being interactive with video coaching you will receive a Colour Analysis Certificate. 



The webinars are held every other Tuesday at 9.30am UK time and they are recorded so that you can watch them at your convenience if you can’t be with us live. And weekend group coaching calls too.


We have covered a lots of topics so far which include but are not limited to the list below because colour is a never ending topic to discuss

  • Red heads and freckles
  • Mindset issues
  • Grey hair and eyes – what matters, the hair or the eyes or do you analyse the skin tone? This was a particularly interesting one.
  • Growing your skills and talents
  • Questions and answers to queries/challenges that you are experiencing
  • Stop comparing yourself to others progress and speed of development
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Sharing our combined and uniqueness among ourselves
  • Assisting each other
  • Boosting each other
  • Having fun and being uplifted
  • See Sue demonstrate many other methods of doing colour using apps and products which will really help you 
  • Sisters……will they come out the same…..not very likely






Sue is known for offering refreshing and innovative ways of working and marketing, here is a snippet of a recent webinar.


When can I expect Sue to be available for personal coaching?

Sue regularly checks into the on-line hub to interact with the students and the FB private group. There is a discussion board to connect and ask questions for Sue and other students too. Individual sessions are set up at a mutually convenient time, these are video recorded via a virtual meeting room where we see each other, which makes it easier to have a chat/discussion. The benefits are that you can ask and receive coaching and answers in real time and the meeting is recorded so that you can listen to it again if you so wish.

Price: $1140.00 



Here is the link to get yourself on the course:   https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/16097/enroll?price_point=34229&url_hash=a3cd1f7d88cbf3747bed412f3037


Payment price is in US$$ because we use an american software programme. The £ equivalent is approx £872


Payment plan option:  $1200.00


6 monthly payments of  $200.00 = total amount payable is $1200.00

Here is the link for the payment plan: https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/16097/enroll?price_point=34230&url_hash=37e4eea43ffe9675818eecc1e3ec9b








Which includes

  • 2 x 60 minute Interactive training and coaching in a group a month
  • Live streaming videos observing Sue doing live colour sessions 
  • Personal coaching calls with Sue each month on a weekday or at weekends
  • Interaction with other students from around the world
  • 3 x 1 hour live video sessions observing you draping
  • Ever increasing resourceful library of knowledge and wisdom


What’s not included

Your full Seasonal Twist draping kit needs to be purchased separately and costs £1120 which can be purchased here

The kit includes 130 large cotton drapes , a cover cape, a set of colour analysis wands and a 16 set of swatches. 

Get in touch to ask your questions about this programme by calling +44 (0)1737 354654 or send an email here



Comments from Trainees

‘I use the 4 seasons method of colour analysis and I have learnt so much from this programme. The videos are so interesting and I learn something new every time and there are some really great ideas for adding more value. Great techniques and very helpful tips’ Julia

“I use the seasonal and tonal methods of colour analysis….I have learnt so much from watching these live streamed sessions. I love watching how Sue works the drapes in a specific method in order to get the hints from them about skin tone first then the level of colour. I also appreciate how Sue brings in other aspects of colour relation to personalities and personal energy fields. Extremely helpful” Loraine.

” I use the 4 seasons method of colour analysis and I have benefited from watching and learning how Sue uses the drapes to guide you through the colour sessions. It is very helpful to get such great tips and I love how Sue just has such a good time with her models. Sue has inspired me with her suggestions and when seeing the reviews her suggestions for adding value to a session is beneficial to all”. Marilyn 

“Great tips from Sue which make doing colour easy”

“The variety of models for these colour sessions is really helpful….all ages, all hair colours, which is really important to know how and why any colour hair can fit into any season. That was a big takeaway for me”

“I was so inspired by Sue and how she talks and her refreshing approach to colour and even though I’d trained in the 4 seasons I just knew she was the coach who could really help me to get going and to give me the confidence and mentoring I needed to get myself launched and going. I really love the webinars, you get tips from everyone of them. Having the continuous coaching like this is so important”

“Great ideas on the webinar this morning…this is such an empowering and encouraging tool, Sue. I don’t know what others think but it’s helping me to keep grounded and focused as my business gets going. Thank you”!! Marilyn

“I really enjoy the webinars, Sue gives some great hints and tips on building my business. I learn something every time”. Sandra

“Sue has simplified colour analysis into an easy to learn process. She offers a great insight into what works and what doesn’t from her personal experience. She is down to earth, funny and an inspiration” Penny 

“Sue rocks, she’s such an inspiration” Jenny

“So well written, easy to follow and learn” Catherine

“Easy to understand and follow, my clients find it easy to get” Tina

“I love how the system is broken down into easy segments, its quick to pick up and learn. Having done the traditional tonal way for years, this is so much better for the coach and client” Maria

Easy to understand, clearly written. great images that make it easy to see what is being explained. Love the personal coaching from Sue” Erica

“I trained in the traditional 4 seasons method but found that I needed more levels of colour but the traditional tonal way was too much, this method is perfect. Easy to pick up, easy to follow and easy for the clients to see what you are explaining. I love the colour wands, they make easy work of it all”. Penny. 

Copyright reminder for this course.

Your paid fee entitles you to access the colour analysis course information in written, audio and images for personal use only. It is prohibited to share any of Sue Cocks’ the founder of QCIC Academy material anywhere on-line, via any transmitted method or to make available download or viewing anywhere on the internet. The course is a paid copyrighted programme and is not for free distribution or re-sale. It is prohibited to translate and then share the information provided in this programme.


guarantee09We are so confident that the information you’ll learn from this programme, which Sue and many others use daily in our work, it will give you what you need to offer colour analysis consultations. So, if by 30 days you feel we’re not delivering on what is promised on this website, you can choose to exit the programme and ask for a refund. Refunds are issued to the original purchaser only.


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