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Learn Colour Analysis – Active live learning classes in a group or 1-2-1 tuition with Sue




Watch a model being draped from the comfort of your own home. Watch, see, feel and interact in the live draping sessions and witness for yourself the fascinating changes that occur in and around the model’s face and features. What causes the facial features to lift and what causes them to droop. Plus you’ll see and experience how each model reacts to colour and what it means to them. And then join a small group to witness each other draping a model in your own home. 



  • Discover some fabulous ways of using your drapes
  • Live lessons where you are actively involved daytime and evening
  • Lessons include monthly live colour analysis sessions as they happen via live streaming alternating weekday & Saturdays
  • Facebook evening lives
  • Mindset coaching
  • We started our on-line programme in September 2016 and there other videos to watch too
  • 1-2-1 video coaching
  • community environment



Fabulous ways of draping – 3 highly effective steps to colour analysis success every time, guaranteed.


In the good old days and still too much even today, there was/is one way of draping clients which makes it difficult to identify skin tone and level of colour. Having really struggled with this way of using drapes Sue created better ways of draping that allow for a much easier and clearer way of working with the drapes whichever method you use. 

For Sue and hundreds of fellow and wannabe colour coaches, there had to be an easier way of doing colour analysis. An easier way with clear starting points that make deciding warm or cool skin tone easy and an easier way to determine the level of colour whichever method you choose to use. And also understanding that due to the genetics of today….meaning the mixing pot at our creation into the world….hair colour and eye colour can and will be any colour for any season.


As a training company helping you to understand that hair colour does not put you into a specific season. This causes no end of struggle for many people who have been taught that this is truth. It is NOT. Due to genetics (body make up) clients today can have for any colour hair for a season and that includes red. Eye colour is the same too. 


“Sue’s energy and passion are electric….it is so lovely to have a coach and trainer like this”

About You 

  • You want some great tips that work and help you
  • You want an interactive learning experience
  • You want live lessons
  • You want to see in a live session how to use drapes
  • You want to see what happens in a live colour analysis session
  • You want to be able to see a recording of the live lesson because sometimes you may not be able to be there live




Sue used to think you could only learn colour analysis in person

Oh how times have changed.

Now it is possible to watch Sue draping a client in her front room whilst you sit in your home observing, interacting, asking questions, getting answers as the colour session unfolds. Its brilliant.

Now you can clearly see what happens to a models facial features as different drapes (and colour wands) are placed around their face and the models skin interacts with the undertones of the colours and decides which ones it likes. You get to see and witness it all happening in real time plus all sessions are recorded live so if you can’t be there, you’ll feel like you’re there when you watch the recording.

And having experienced these live classes you know exactly what to expect and experience for yourself.



Sue is very passionate & intuitive about colour analysis and having ways of working that work across genetic lines of today’s clients. As you will see she totally loves demonstrating colour in ways and methods that ensure individuals who are equally passionate about learning colour analysis to have as much fun and joy doing colour too. Sue has such a good time which relaxes everyone so that lots of learning takes place. 

“That calm practicality combined with a wicked sense of humour is just what’s needed to stop you in your tracks and point you in the right direction again. I can’t thank Sue enough for the advice I’ve had”


On the new live classes on our models, we look at and work with the 4 seasons, the seasonal twist 8 tones and 12 tones and see how they work with each model and it will give you an idea as to which colour method will work for you. You do not need to have purchased drapes before starting. 

The 4 Seasons method offers the most simple way of doing colour analysis.

The traditional 12 tones offers lots of choice…. with some sections offering colours that are almost identical. Would you find this is it too much choice for you?

Sue created The Seasonal Twist™ colour analysis method which sits right in the middle of the 2 most common methods of colour analysis.

It is based on 4 warm tones and 4 cool tones, which are:

Warm tones: Bright Spring & Soft Spring and Bright Autumn and Soft Autumn

Cool tones: Bright Winter and Soft Winter and Bright Summer and Soft Summer


Every model experience is different and every model relates to colour in their own way. Seeing this happen in real time and on the recording is priceless. Then you get to experience it yourself with your own clients.



Course preview


Are you liking the feel of learning colour analysis this way? Get a real feel by watching the preview video here https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/31176/enroll


Its free to watch but you do need to sign up for it but you do not sign up for any newsletters or marketing by doing so. We don’t like spam either.


Here’s the QCIC Foundational principles we will cover in-depth on the course – these work across any colour analysis method


Foundational principle 1: How to start your colour consultations in an easy, stress free way using the drapes. How they work, why they work and why they’re so important in the colour analysis process. This works across any colour analysis method.

Foundational principle 2: How to use the colour analysis wands to identify and confirm cool and warm skin tones/dominant skin tone and the level of colour/season that matches your clients’ skin tone.

Foundational principle 3: Using your drapes, using words that connect with your client and identifying great colours for your client without limiting them.

Foundational principle 4: Using your base colours to give your client a superb colour analysis consultation. The best gift you can give your client is to show them wonderful colour combinations that will work for them in any given social or professional situation. Bringing consultations to a close with a WOW.





What’s different about our techniques


  • We use modern methods of draping that make it so easy to see what lifts the clients features and what causes the facial features to drop
  • We use tried and tested techniques in use by many throughout the world and they really do work.
  • A clear starting point plus a rechecking point for any method
  • Follow our simple highly effective 3 step process and you cannot go wrong.
  • Our amazing colour wands are brilliant in guiding you as are our draping methods but you don’t need the colour wands to learn with us
  • Sue found where the struggles were in traditional colour analysis methods and transformed them into ways that work, simply and very effectively. If you are using other methods, you’ll pick up some great tips which will benefit you.
  • Sue will watch you practicing draping on 3 family members/friends in 1 hour separate sessions via a live video link so that you can get drape confident
  • From May 22nd 2018 our webinars are videoed live where we get to see each other which really enhances the learning experience.  
  • From 6th June 2018 we started monthly live streaming colour sessions so that you can witness an actual draping sessions done by Sue. You can interact and ask questions as we go along. These sessions offer continuous learning and you being able to see a variety of ladies with different visual looks. These sessions happen every few days at different times of the day and days of the week.

Live learning classes


  • Are held once a month for you to benefit from observing and taking part in an actual colour analysis session
  • Dates and times are notified via email with a link to the live class. Classes are held in the week and Saturdays alternately.
  • We hold active learning classes where you have a model in your own home to drape as you are walked through the draping process, done in a small group for an amazing learning experience.
  • Mindset and business series, getting started, progressing techniques that keep you moving forward
  • Ask Sue anything sessions – individual and group coaching to benefit all of us




“I was watching the very first colour live stream session, it was so easy to see the changes as they occurred, the good and the not so good. You felt you were there in the room with Sue and the close-up of the models face was just so helpful. Brilliant, can’t wait for the next one” 

“Such a great way of learning and witnessing the draping process….I’m a convert to this way of learning”

“Just like being in the classroom only better”

There is SO much support here for you

  • Continuous membership
  • 1-2-1 personal coaching video sessions with Sue
  • Interactive classes – you are not on your own





  • We use Zoom for our live learning classes. You will be emailed a link and all you need do is click the link and you’re in. Nice and easy.
  • Make sure your computer volume is turned on and adjust it to your required level necessary.
  • Zoom will ‘ask’ to use your microphone which is essential to speak and ask questions.
  • You need just your regular broadband service from where you are and there are no telephone charges as everything is done over the internet.
  • You will join via video so that we can all see each other which really enhances the live classes
  • You do not have to be ‘dolled up” to attend. Sue appreciates that individuals from all time zones will be on the lessons so please dress comfortably. You are there to learn only.  



Benefits for YOU


  • You will pick up great tips to use when doing your own colour sessions for any method of colour analysis
  • You get a real feel for a colour session….how much fun and they are brilliantly interactive which you will want to recreate for yourself
  • It doesn’t matter what method you use, you will know how to use your drapes (and wands if you choose to buy them (not obligatory)) so that you can see what the drapes tell you and how long to wait for the results to appear
  • You get such a feel for the love of colour for yourself and from others
  • You will see how to provide additional benefits to clients enabling you to sell your value without having to sell because the benefits of what you offer is worth more. This is covered in additional videos and when reviews are done in additional live classes.
  • You will get very confident in your own ability to do colour sessions




 How it works

  • We use Ruzuku software for our on-line learning hub. When you sign up you create your log-in and password which cannot be shared with anyone else.
  • We use Zoom software for our live learning classes and 1-2-1 private coaching
  • You attend live classes and attend 1-2-1 private coaching with Sue. 
  • Sue can see your progress through the on-line learning programme. 
  • You work your way through the other materials available on the on-line learning programme
  • On successful completion of the programme and being interactive with video coaching you will receive a Colour Analysis Certificate. 


Other video recordings available to view


  • There are plenty of video resources to access in the on-line learning programme which cover many topics and give guidance in and around the topic of colour.



When can I expect Sue to be available for personal coaching?


You get to book a private video coaching sessions with Sue at a mutually convenient time to discuss/ask questions about a particular topic relevant to only you. These sessions are up to 1 hour in length. 


Your investment in learning the art of colour analysis for guaranteed success is £750.00


Here is the link to get yourself on the course: https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/16097/about





What’s not included

Your draping kit needs to be purchased separately which can be purchased here

The kit includes 130 large cotton drapes , a cover cape, a set of colour analysis wands and a 16 set of swatches. 

Get in touch to ask your questions about this programme by calling +44 (0)1737 354654 or send an email here


We stand 100% behind our teachings and know that everything we teach works as many colour coaches have learnt with us in person and on-line, plus Sue uses the techniques taught with her personal clients too.  We 100% guarantee you’ll be very happy with this course and its teaching content. However if you really feel by the end of your first day that you cannot work with the way we teach, just let us know and we will arrange a full refund.

Terms and conditions

Comments from Trainees

‘I use the 4 seasons method of colour analysis and I have learnt so much from this programme. The videos are so interesting and I learn something new every time and there are some really great ideas for adding more value. Great techniques and very helpful tips’ Julia

“I use the seasonal and tonal methods of colour analysis….I have learnt so much from watching these live streamed sessions. I love watching how Sue works the drapes in a specific method in order to get the hints from them about skin tone first then the level of colour. I also appreciate how Sue brings in other aspects of colour relation to personalities and personal energy fields. Extremely helpful” Loraine.

” I use the 4 seasons method of colour analysis and I have benefited from watching and learning how Sue uses the drapes to guide you through the colour sessions. It is very helpful to get such great tips and I love how Sue just has such a good time with her models. Sue has inspired me with her suggestions and when seeing the reviews her suggestions for adding value to a session is beneficial to all”. Marilyn 

“Great tips from Sue which make doing colour easy”

“The variety of models for these colour sessions is really helpful….all ages, all hair colours, which is really important to know how and why any colour hair can fit into any season. That was a big takeaway for me”

“I was so inspired by Sue and how she talks and her refreshing approach to colour and even though I’d trained in the 4 seasons I just knew she was the coach who could really help me to get going and to give me the confidence and mentoring I needed to get myself launched and going. I really love the webinars, you get tips from everyone of them. Having the continuous coaching like this is so important”

“Great ideas on the webinar this morning…this is such an empowering and encouraging tool, Sue. I don’t know what others think but it’s helping me to keep grounded and focused as my business gets going. Thank you”!! Marilyn

“I really enjoy the webinars, Sue gives some great hints and tips on building my business. I learn something every time”. Sandra

“Sue has simplified colour analysis into an easy to learn process. She offers a great insight into what works and what doesn’t from her personal experience. She is down to earth, funny and an inspiration” Penny 

“Sue rocks, she’s such an inspiration” Jenny

“So well written, easy to follow and learn” Catherine

“Easy to understand and follow, my clients find it easy to get” Tina

“I love how the system is broken down into easy segments, its quick to pick up and learn. Having done the traditional tonal way for years, this is so much better for the coach and client” Maria

Easy to understand, clearly written. great images that make it easy to see what is being explained. Love the personal coaching from Sue” Erica

“I trained in the traditional 4 seasons method but found that I needed more levels of colour but the traditional tonal way was too much, this method is perfect. Easy to pick up, easy to follow and easy for the clients to see what you are explaining. I love the colour wands, they make easy work of it all”. Penny. 

Copyright reminder for this course.

Your paid fee entitles you to access the colour analysis course information in written, audio and images for personal use only. It is prohibited to share any of Sue Cocks’ the founder of QCIC Academy material anywhere on-line, via any transmitted method or to make available download or viewing anywhere on the internet. The course is a paid copyrighted programme and is not for free distribution or re-sale. It is prohibited to translate and then share the information provided in this programme.




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