Mega Bundle: download only

Fabulous visuals to print off and use for talks and workshops as well as uploading them for your newsletters, blogs and social media posts.



  • Why buy these images:  because they are so very useful in getting the conversation flowing with your audience….it encourages them to discuss which colour frame looks best on each lady. They can really see the differences and it makes demonstrating colour so very easy.


  • The colour frames are great for interactive group sessions because you print the frames off onto normal printer paper, cut out the middle and they are placed around the face, take a photo of each one (individual colours or season) and then show them the photos and they can clearly see the difference that each colour frame has against their skin tone. 


  • The colour palettes can be emailed to your clients to keep on their phones



Our very best bundle offer. You will receive by instant download 

  • A set of the 4 seasons frames & tonal frames
  • A set of the metallic frames
  • A set of the coloured frames
  • A set of the 4 seasons palettes
  • A set of the tonal palettes
  • A set of our 32+ fabulous visuals showing individual ladies with various hair colours (reds, brunettes, blondes, black, grey) and skin tones with the frames and palettes


You can adjust the size yourself


How the download works

  • From your lap top or desk top computer purchase your mega bundle
  • Once payment is cleared, a download page will be shown on your screen
  • Download your bundle 
  • Open file, download each image and right click save as a picture on your computer. Please note the file will download to the bottom of your computer screen.












Your investment in having great visuals for your individual creative work is here




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