Fabulous visuals

Some times when you’re trying to explain to friends or a group how colour analysis works you just need a visual to help you.

WOW Visuals for talks, newsletters, blogs and social media plus save to phones and tablets

 Fabulous individual visuals using the 4 seasons colours as an example. We demonstrate the following:



  • A variety of skin colour and tones
  • A variety of hair colours, blondes, red, brunettes, black, grey and white
  • A variety of eye colours.
  • All taken from ‘normal’ everyday women
  • At least 8 individual women demonstrated in each season, that is 32 images in total 
  • PLUS additional images demonstrating single colours in green, red, blue, silver and gold, orange and pink


The images are used by colour coaches around the world because they are so very useful in getting the conversation flowing with your audience….it encourages them to discuss which colour frame looks best on each lady. They can really see the differences and it makes demonstrating colour so very easy.


A sample of 1 set

Another sample set



































You can clearly see how the different levels of colour interact with the same lady.

You are able to adjust the size of the photos yourself to suit the documents you have, a variety is supplied to get you started.  You can right click and save as a picture on your computer.


How the images work

  • You are buying a licence to use the images in your work
  • The images can be downloaded and stored on your computer as soon as payment is made.
  • You can alter the size of each image to suit your needs
  • You print the images off and laminate them
  • You print the images off and use them in your teaching adding them to your training manual/material
  • You can upload them to your newsletters, blogs and social media to aid what you are saying.



 Click to purchase your images by download here


  QCIC Academy hold the worldwide copyright of these images & design. No resell rights are permitted.


“Downloaded so easily and they are brilliant” Ana. Portugal

“They best visuals ever, really helpful” Steph. UK

“Couldn’t believe how quickly they arrived in my in-box over the weekend and they are just fabulous” Jess. Aus

“Thank you for sending the fabulous visuals, they are fabulous” Nicole. Canada

“Best ever resource available anywhere in the image industry” Judith USA

“Sue creates amazing resources that are really helpful” Sally. UK

“Just brilliant, I uploaded some of them to a power point for a demo talk, had the audience hooked from the moment the first one came on. I’ve never had such a good reaction to one of my talks and I’ve received more bookings than ever” Maria.

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