Fabulous visuals- Women

Some times when you’re trying to explain to friends or a group how colour analysis works you just need a visual to help you.

WOW Visuals for talks – Lets talk level of colour, undertone & make up

Comparison visuals that generate conversation and interest. Engage all in the room not just those on the front row.

These images look really good on laptops and projection screens



The above visuals are taken from the Power Point presentation to give an idea of how they look.



The above visuals show the 4 x 4 visuals and some of the individual ones too.


Colour analysis display aids





The visuals are created by Sue Cocks our founder who regularly needs visuals for talks. A variety are included which also demonstrate make up choices especially in the age of super sculpting make up which a lot of businesses have an issue with as the employee’s visual message comes across as fake meaning can’t be trusted and they can be used in personal development sessions.



  • A set of 60+ visuals that will help to get the conversation flowing as you talk about which colours look better than another
  • No wording on any images
  • Some images show why dark colours dull us down, these are the first images which start the conversation off
  • Individual images with correct colours and incorrect colours. Some with make up and some not.
  • A variety of nationalities are used
  • These images are high resolution
  • If you have difficulty with managing downloads do not worry, simply purchase them and then email Sue via the contact form and ask her to email them to you. You are required to send a screen shot of the payment receipt/or the payment reference number along with the name and address of the buyer.




How the images work

  • You are buying a licence to use the images in your work
  • The images can be downloaded and stored on your computer as soon as payment is made.
  • You can alter the size of each image to suit your needs
  • You can upload them to your newsletters, blogs, website and social media to aid what you are saying.


Free sample

See the quality of an image here sample-image.zip



Looking for visual aids for Men, they are here 

Your investment of £125.00 in having fabulous visuals which help you to explain colour is   here


  Quintessential Colours International Coaching (QCIC) hold the worldwide copyright of these images & design. No resell rights are permitted.


“Brilliant photo’s that really helped me in my talk” Amanda

“Just what I’ve been looking for….I didn’t need to talk, the photos generated so much conversation within the group” Jenette

” I was nervous of doing my talk until I discovered these photo’s, they made explaining colour, level and undertone really easy” Sam

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