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In business today, we operate in an environment that is highly visual. Business can be won or lost before you have even shaken hands!

It is about being really aware of our non verbal messages and there impact before we have even said a word. 

We all do it, we make assumptions about people, our fellow train commuters, other employees of the company we see and cross paths with, speakers at events……we make assumptions about them, their lives, all sorts of things by the way they present themselves. 

People remember others by what they wore and how they looked. Think back to someone you met for a chat to see if they were a suitable business contact, someone you interviewed….when you were telling a colleague about them, the words you used described their physical appearance. 

The thing worth bearing in mind is what words others are using to describe you and or your employees?? Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall listening in…or maybe you already know what words will be used!!



What your current business attire could be saying without you realising?

  • Dated because you’re employees are still wearing black suit and white shirt combinations with the believe that it says professional and authoritative
  • Some employees have very flamboyant personalities and their current image screams aggressive and arrogant
  • Some employees are trying to up-level their look but it has gone the wrong way and you have to find ways of keeping them hidden in the office….but they are really good at their jobs

and that’s just the employees, then there is YOU and the board of directors too.



Achieving professional presence is a workshop for a group or 1-2-1 awareness coaching for your key staff who go out and about meeting business contacts, winning contracts and representing your business. In it Sue will give advice on:

  • Adopting a modern look whilst retaining individual authenticity
  • How to do business casual when a tie or suit isn’t required
  • Understanding colour psychology and how to use it to your best advantage in business 
  • How to create a working wardrobe of clothes that mix and match for all occasions
  • Hints and tips that give your key staff the competitive edge
  • Public speaking


We do this by using images which clearly show why the colours and styles that we wear create different personas….some good and others not so great plus the impact of which affect our desired outcomes. Extended sessions can also be added for specific small group coaching and guidance.


Sue is a very experienced speaker, trainer and coach. She has worked with high profile individuals who understand the importance of their image and how they are perceived by the public. She has run workshops and awareness coaching for many individuals who represent businesses or their own business. She has spoken several times on P & O cruise ships and runs her own courses in person and on-line. She gets her points across in such a way that is uplifting and enjoyable. Sue has a wicked sense of humour and really enjoys engaging and interacting with her audiences. 


Workshops are held in your business offices or at an agreed business venue. Please get in touch to discuss your individual business requirements by calling 01737 354654 or by sending an email here. 

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