Corporate Styling

Personal shopping experience: For individuals and company employees


Sue shows you what works for you by walking you round different stores and trying on different looks so that you get those aha moments of ‘oh that’s why this works and why that doesn’t. It is the best way of raising your awareness in the world of styling. Plus it gives you great understanding of yourself. 



You or your company employee need to up level your/their look as you/they are entering a new phase/level of business where you/they will be more visible than ever before and your/their image needs to aligned with this.

For many corporate image services focus is on attending a workshop where you are told what is a good idea to wear. Trouble is, whilst there may be some good tips, the minute you walk back out into the corporate setting, all is forgotten and your/their image remains unchanged.




For changes to be implemented in your image you have to physically put yourself in clothes that align with your new status. This means a difference sort of personal shopping experience.

  • For each individual there are a couple of style personality traits that need to be embraced to enter this new look and you will see as Sue selects different looks and fabrics why understanding your style personalities is key to successful styling and awareness of how to adapt. 
  • If you don’t see yourself in this new up leveled look, you won’t get it.
  • If you don’t ‘feel’ yourself in this up leveled look you won’t get it.
  • After your personal shopping experience with Sue you will also know what to look for when shopping on-line.





To have a style professional like Sue by your side who will guide you through this experience, will give your so much personal empowerment and will ease your way through the mind field of stores out there.

During this 1-2-1 session with Sue, she will show you how to up scale your look so that you look the part for your body shape, personality, height, current weight and use of corporate colour combinations to enhance your/their image. 

Sue’s personal shopping experiences are fun and enlightening. She doesn’t over power you and you will nail your new style choices. We do stop for refreshments and a light lunch. 


How the session works


  • Prior to the day, you/your company employee have a video coaching session with Sue. This session is recorded and it is highlighted where you currently are in relation to your current style and where you need to be and what you need to purchase. This can be during the day or early evening.
  • Then its time to meet up with Sue at an agreed shopping mall in the UK. We meet at 10am and finish at 3pm. 
  • As you try on different looks to get the ‘feel’ of them, Sue will take photos which she will put together into document format so that you/your company employee are reminded of what works for you/them and what does not. This is so important so that going forward you/they have an aide-memoir which you/they can print off and hang in your wardrobe to remind you/them. You/they will also then have at hand colour combinations that work for you/them so when in that morning grab and go time, its very easy to get dressed in your up scaled look.
  • You/they will also have knowledge of what to keep ready for those quick unexpected travel trips.
  • Appointments are available Monday to Friday and a limited number of Saturdays and Sundays.



Who is this service for?


  • Employees who are being promoted to executive level and above who need guidance on their corporate style.
  • Entrepreneurs who are representing their own company.
  • New employees coming on board who need their corporate style tweaked so that they are in alignment with the company corporate brand.
  • Business owners who are now out and about seeking business opportunities whose current image needs guidance as they meet potential customers.
  • Individuals who want to update their own personal style and understand what is right for them. 



Price £1500.00 per individual

which includes a 1 hour video coaching session prior to the personal shopping day. A personal shopping experience with Sue from 10am-3pm. A report of photos and guidance notes following your personal shopping trip.




Personal shopping experiences can be brought as a gift, please tell us at the time of buying if this is a gift. The recipient has 6 months in which to book their experience.


To discuss your requirement please get in touch by telephone +44 (0)1737 354654 or via email

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