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“I loved having my colours done by Sue, such an uplifting experience. I came away having received some great tips on creating more outfits and embracing wearing colour in a way that I feel comfortable with.
I also really appreciated watching the video of the session and seeing how I reacted to different colours, the good and not so good and this very helpful in understanding why certain colours work for me and others do not.
And to receive a pdf with the photos and guidance notes was perfect. I printed them off and hung them in my wardrobe and saved a copy on my phone”


The benefits of a colour session with Sue

  • You get to see yourself reacting to colours differently and uniquely like never before
  • You get to see and witness how you interact and feel colour
  • You really understand why some colours work for you and lift your features and energy levels and you get to see too those that make your features droop and leave you energy-less
  • Watch yourself in the video being enthralled by colour
  • See your responses to colour through your own eyes in the photos that are taken during the session
  • You get a copy of the video to watch
  • You get a report with the photos along with some notes to print off for future reference








Watch Sue giving a demonstration on how different colours look and feel.






A colour matching session will help you in several ways:

  • You can identify which colours make you look good
  • You can discover which colours do not so that you can avoid them
  • You can see how different colours make you feel….the ones which lift your energy levels, the ones which deplete them, the ones which are too powerful and need toning down
  • You can identify some great colour combinations
  • You will understand the messages behind colour and its hidden messages so that you can work with your best ones and avoid the not so good ones
  • You will totally get how colour effects you in mood, energetic level and how you are perceived
  • You can get dressed every day with confidence and awareness that you have got it right




How does the session work?

  • You come to Sue for your colour session** 
  • A series of drapes are placed around your neck line and face to determine which colours lift you and bring you to life and which ones leave you looking drained and tired.
  • The session is videoed so that you can actually see the changes that have taken place which is invaluable. A copy is sent to you. It is private and not made public at all.
  • Sue will take photographs of you in the drapes in order to create the colour look book she provides which is a great aide memoir of your session, some clients even print these off and hang them inside their wardrobes for easy reference. This is invaluable because it is easy to forget overtime which colours you particularly loved.
  • You are given a swatch of 30 colours to assist you with future shopping trips.
  • You will receive from Sue (2-3 days) following your session a colour look PDF which will remind you of some great colour combinations shown to you. You can save this to your tablet or print it off and hang it in your wardrobe.
  • You will also understand how your energy level is affected by the colours you wear, so Sue will demonstrate how to lift your energy levels using colour combinations. You will also receive some written information from Sue about the energetic impact of colour.
Sessions take about 90 minutes. Please note no make-up is done with these sessions. 



You will also receive a beautiful colour card to take away with you and one will be emailed to you to upload to your phone/tablet.


You will never see colour in the same way again.

  • We match colour undertone to your natural skin tone
  • Colour is based on a season, spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  • Once we have a season we then look for the tone – meaning the level of colour, bright or soft of that season
  • super simple language
  • a video and photos of your session to assist you as you move forward having discovered your colour story
  • Clothes shopping is so much easier
  • You’ll have less clothes but more outfits                                                                                                                                                                      



Why are the sessions videoed and photographed?


Because you benefit more from the colour session experience.

When I first started out doing colour sessions I didn’t take photos or even video. The sessions were fun and informative but over time you forget many of the colours and how they looked on you because our minds are full of many things and we simply cannot ‘pull up’ an image in our mind of ourselves in a drape or two. 

One day Sue just felt the impulse to take photos of a session, so she picked up her phone and clicked away. The client loved it having the photos as a reminder, easily at hand. And so taking photos of the session became norm and when I started using Zoom and started video recording sessions and how much the clients loved the sessions and got so much more out of a session, that became norm too.





Appointments are available on a Monday to Friday and a limited number of Saturdays & Sundays. Get in touch between 10am-5pm by telephone 01737 354654 or email. 


On-line booking calendar – PLEASE READ FIRST

  1. Click the link below to view availability and to reserve a date and time slot
  2. You will receive an email confirming your booking.
  3. Your reservation will be acknowledged by email by Sue
  4. You will receive a PayPal invoice for you to complete payment using any credit/debit card. 
  5. Once payment is received, your booking will be confirmed.
  6. If buying a gift voucher, the recipient or purchaser just needs to book the session using the calendar.
  7. If you have selected a date and it isn’t a match for the recipient all they need to do is reschedule using the booking calendar, just choose a day and time slot that works and in the message box just let Sue know you’ve changed the date.


Reserve your appointment below – its is really easy to use.


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Got questions, book an appointment please call  01737 354654 or send a message here

If you would like to book a session with a friend, no problem, 3 is the maximum number.


Gift vouchers are sent via recorded delivery Monday to Friday. The gift voucher recipient has 6 months to book their session.



Colour analysis session with Sue in Banstead, Surrey.


Your investment in yourself or treating a loved one to this wonderful uplifting experience is: £130.00 PER PERSON


Pay for your session/Buy a gift voucher below (please state if a gift voucher, these are sent via recorded delivery)





Geographical area: Sue is based in Banstead, Surrey. M25 J8. An easy 10 minute drive. Parking available.


Colour session with Sue in your own home**




Your investment in yourself or treating a loved one at home to this wonderful uplifting experience is : £300 per person


Not everyone can get to Sue so she is happy to come to you. Please advise if this is a gift. Gift vouchers are sent out Monday to Friday by recorded delivery. Geographical area covered approx 100 miles from M25 junction 8. 




We stand 100% behind this uplifting session and know that you’ll pick up some great hints and tips and your experience will be of benefit to you. However if you feel that we did not provide what is stated on this web page then we will refund the money to the original purchaser only.



A wonderful experience discovering how I relate to colours and their energy and it is so helpful as I get dressed each day taking into account my illness. I now feel so much better when I wear a colour that I know I look and feel good in and boy if I put on a colour that isn’t right, my body lets me know!

Loved having my colours done with Sue. I have such a good idea now of creating more outfits with a variety of colours. So helpful for clothes shopping. 

What a lovely experience having my colours done by Sue. So relaxing yet full of inspiration from Sue. I really enjoyed watching the video afterwards as it really enabled me to see how I reacted to colour and it did affect me profoundly. It was also a great reminder of what colours looked good on me and what ones did not, its amazing how quickly you forget the colours so this is such an important part of the experience. Loved receiving the colour look book with my photos from the session which I’ve printed off and hangs in my wardrobe. I highly recommend a colour session with Sue. Sue S.

I really enjoyed my session with Sue and I loved receiving the video recording and PDF afterwards which reinforced the actual session. The changes you see taking place was quite incredible as Sue draped me. They made the point clearly which colours worked and why and which ones did not. A great experience. Thanks Sue. Ann.

Thank you so much Sue for a very enlightening colour session this morning. You can be sure I will be slowly revamping my wardrobe  It has really opened my eyes to the world of colour. Valerie

I have now embraced wearing more colours rather than sticking to what I called my signature colours which it transpired frightened people off a bit because they were a little over powering in the energy they extended out. At networking events people have really noticed my changes and approach me more easily and I have attracted in more customers. Fascinating and a worth while experience. Sandra.

“So interesting, I was amazed and delighted by the process which was clearly explained by Sue. I’m so pleased that I know which colours lift me and which ones drag me down…..visually and emotionally. A fantastic birthday gift from my hubby” Rachel

“I spent a couple of wonderful hours with Sue having my colours assessed, so much fun and laughter and a great insight into how colour works and affects me personally. A wonderful birthday pressie”. Nicole

“It is so lovely working with someone who is so passionate about colour and who just wants you to have such a lovely time being enriched with colour. I was amazed at how colour works for me, how it lifts me up and why others leave me flat and drained. i have a really good understanding of colour now, so glad I treated myself to this wonderful session with Sue” Rimca 

“I found the session to be very beneficial and cathartic. I felt very healed afterwards with your demonstration of the drapes and your encouraging words” Amalia

“I loved how you showed me to consider other colour options with more depth of colour and also how to wear them in colour combinations. The colour look PDF you sent afterwards is a great reminder of  an assortment of colour combinations that works for me. Thank you Sue, I found the session fun and informative…..better than a massage or beauty treatment. Denise.





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