Colour Palette visuals

4 Seasons Colour Palettes for phones and tablets


Beautiful colour palettes to use in your work with individual clients and groups.



The way we do colour analysis sessions is changing…colour consultants are getting it that clients want colour palettes on their phones where they have constant access to them. 


These gorgeous 4 seasons palettes are brilliant to print off and use for clients to hold them against clothes in the shops or even in their wardrobes. If you don’t need wallets and swatches, these are a great alternative.


Customise your in-person colour sessions to offer on-line services

  • Print them off and use in your consultations
  • Print them off, laminate them for group work
  • Print them off and display them on display boards
  • Print off the small ones and give them out as a taster or instead of a swatch/wallet
  • Have a professional printer print them off for you in any size in a matt or glossy finish.
  • Save them as a picture (right click each palette in turn) and email them to your clients
  • Save them as a picture and add to your mobile phone or tablet to easily email/instant message to customers
  • Customers save them to their phones and tablets



Watch Sue chatting through how to use digital colour palettes in a word document.





















Free sample

Download a free sample here: Sample colour palette




Your investment in creating and adding to your client experience is:

4 seasons colour palettes here

You can download your palettes after purchasing




Looking for Tonal Palettes, click  here





“My clients love receiving their colour palette by email…..they save them on their phones and have found them to be very helpful when shopping” Natasha


“Stunning, loving these new visuals”

“I printed them off and just couldn’t stop staring at them, they are gorgeous and one of my friends happened to arrive and she couldn’t stop raving about them so I know that my clients are going to too” Sam USA

“They are very good, I laminated them so that they will last be fingered”

“Such a helpful visual” Nell UK

“I had mine printed off and framed, they look amazing” YB Italy

“Printed off really well, I laminated them and they look so professional plus they’ve given me confidence when explaining color” SE USA.

“Exactly what I’ve been searching the internet for, they printed off beautifully and they make explaining undertones so much easier”

“Love them”

“A great visual, really helped me out when doing a talk”

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