Colour Analysis Training

Learn Colour Analysis in a group, in your own home or on-line



UK training venues at Gatwick airport, London & Manchester OR on-line 




Watch Sue talking about the on-line community, how the momentum helps everyone and you join in following your group training course. 


For those who want more choice than the traditional 4 seasons method which they find limiting and less than the traditional tonal method which they find overwhelming. That is what the Seasonal Twist™ method gives you.


  • 4 warm levels and 4 cool levels 
  • a clear starting point and a rechecking point to guide you

For those who want clear guiding steps for using the seasonal or tonal methods. Our steps work across all methods.


An easy to learn method of doing colour analysis that will guarantee successful colour analysis sessions every time, whichever method you use.

  • We focus on teaching you the techniques of colour analysis so after the course you are ready to start earning more or less straight away.
  • We focus on creating a fabulous client experience whereby you show them colour harmony bringing together colour and energy in a balanced way because colour is so much more than what you wear
  • We focus on ensuring you ‘get it’…….how……by developing your ‘eye for colour’ really quickly with our tools and techniques that no other training academy has access to in the world.
  • We don’t focus on overwhelming you with big words and traditional parts of colour analysis that you and more importantly your clients don’t need to know about.
  • Following your 2 days training, you join the on-line learning hub for continued coaching, support, business/hobby building of your skills and shared experiences through our fortnightly webinars and interaction with other colour coaches.
  • We focus on discovering the holistic qualities of colours



As a training company helping you to understand that hair colour does not put you into a specific season. This causes no end of struggle for many people who have been taught that this is truth. It is NOT. Due to genetics (body make up) clients today can have for any colour hair for a season and that includes red. Eye colour is the same too. 


“I just love Sue’s energy and passion….it is so refreshing”


About You 

  • You are looking for a course where support, mentoring and encouragement are given
  • You know that colour goes deeper than just the colour itself
  • You want to do colour in an unrestricted way, in a way that fits you
  • You don’t want dated ways of doing colour, you want modern techniques that have been proven to work
  • You understand that we can ‘play’ with colour and use it to benefit ourselves and others
  • You want to be inspired and have regular contact with others training too and are open to modern methods of doing this


Here’s the QCIC Foundational principles we will cover in-depth on the course

Foundational principle 1: How to start your colour consultations in an easy, stress free way using the undertone drapes. How they work, why they work and why they’re so important in the colour analysis process. Useful for any method of colour analysis.


Foundational principle 2: How to use the colour analysis wands to identify and confirm cool and warm skin tones/dominant skin tone and the level of colour/season that matches your clients’ skin tone.


Foundational principle 3: Using your drapes, using words that connect with your client and identifying great colours for your client without limiting them.


Foundational principle 4: Using your base colours to give your client a superb colour analysis consultation. The best gift you can give your client is to show them wonderful colour combinations that will work for them in any given social or professional situation. Bringing consultations to a close with a WOW.


Foundational principle 5: Identifying colour energies, what they are and why they are so very important in a colour consultation. Creating invaluable documents to send to clients following their session which adds so much value to what you have to offer.


“I really enjoyed my training with Sue, but I have to say how invaluable it is to be able to keep in touch through the webinars, to get advice and mentoring from Sue……that has been so helpful and beneficial and has given me the confidence to set myself up in business and to keep moving forward with confidence” Marilyn


What colour anaylsis isn’t – the original and very true experience Sue had

When I had my colours done many years ago, it was as though I’d entered a clinical trial in a very sterile atmosphere as the consultant wrapped me in a white cape, put my hair in a white shower cap and removed my make up and then sat me right by her front room window so that those walking by could see me!!!!!….can you image that!!! which didn’t exactly leave me in a relaxed state!!! Actually I wanted to bolt from the house but felt glued to the chair, the consultant then put on a white doctors coat (which really alarmed me, I was half expecting plastic gloves to be put on next) and she then proceeded to swish hundreds of drapes around my jawline at high speed!!! This was not the experience I thought I was going to have!!

When the consultant had finished draping (or so I thought) some some make-up was applied…..OMG……..lets just say…not my look at all!

And then unbelievably more drapes were swished under my jaw line. I’d lost the will by then and just went into some sort of trance (basically i switched off completely). I was identified into a season, given a swatch which identified which wow colours I needed to wear for ever and shoved out of the door as another customer was due. 

I was in total shock, please don’t let anyone be around I prayed as I bolted for my car (luckily there wasn’t) and I drove home, stunned at the experience I’d just had.

What colour analysis is

  • Its all about the client, what they FEEL good in, it isn’t about you. 
  • Its about discovering together what is right for them whilst allowing them to turn the volume up and down on the strength of colour if they so wish.
  • Its about guiding them to understand that colour has energies and its matching them up together so that they feel alive and together.
  • It is about taking our techniques and adapting them so that every client you see has an interesting and enriching experience.
  • We give you the language templates…for example, we suggest the wording bright or soft of each season, this is so that you can grasp the techniques quickly and easily. They are words that clients understand easily too….it is up to you whether or not you use these words or use your own. Your clients will be mini versions of you, so the words and ways you work will be a match.
  • It is about the client understanding what looks good on them and giving them some guidance on this, it isn’t about you wafting a load of drapes under the jawline thinking it will make you look good.
  • It is about giving your client a few colour options and letting them discover the world of colour at the shops.
  • It is about explaining that the swatch is a guidance tool NOT a these are the wow colours you must wear for the rest of your days. That blocks clients in, it is important to give them the freedom of choice under guidance.
  • It is about defining your clients skin tone easily and advising them of this; it isn’t about looking at their eyes and hair and without so much as a courtesy drape or wand stating that you think XYZ!! The drapes and wands guide you not your guess work. 
  • It is about giving guidance on the level of colour along with the undertone of the colour that is a match for each client, it isn’t about saying you are a ‘bright’ or a ‘soft’ so you can wear both warm and cool colours. This is  misconception and confuses clients who would go away muddled because we all know that we have either a warm or cool skin tone (yellow based or blue based) and due to genetics sometimes a mix so its about finding the dominant one. 

How Sue got started in Colour Analysis


Sue learnt the traditional way by placing the drapes in front of you and comparing 4 sets of the same colour together and she very quickly found that it wasn’t as easy as she thought. She struggled to find a starting point and sometimes would be 4 colours in before she found it, which made her extremely tense. Clients couldn’t help either as they couldn’t see enough of a difference in their skin tones when doing the draping and you couldn’t say to them can you see one that pops out at you? That wouldn’t have made her look very professional. For a while Sue actually stopped doing colour because she thought she was useless at it. It was only after having conversations with many other colour consultants at a conference who had also stopped doing colour because they couldn’t get started and found the traditional process difficult that Sue realised that it was the traditional draping methods that were not working for today’s clients, not the consultants themselves.

And also because of one of Sue’s first lovely customers who, when she was struggling to remember certain words that she was ‘told’ she had to use, her customer said “Sue, all I want to know is what undertone I have and the level of colour that I need to wear. That’s it, just please give me that” WOW, Keeping it super simple.

Loved that……….Keep it super simple

So having figured this out, Sue set about creating an easier way of working doing colour which gives clear starting points, a re-checking point and breaking down the need to compare zillions of drapes in one session. What Sue has created are 3 proven steps to colour analysis success which incorporate the need to clearly help identify a clients skin tone with ease.



  • Learn to use your drapes in a much better way, whichever method you use
  • Discover how easy it is to determine warm/cool skin tones
  • Discover how easy it is to determine the  level of colour your client can wear




  • Our unique colour analysis wands make it super easy to see skin tone and level of colour



“I’m loving my learning journey with Sue, the in-person training was just great but to be able to keep learning through the webinars in the on-line learning hub is amazing. Yesterdays webinar on red heads and freckles was phenomenal”. Sandra.

The Seasonal Twist™ Colour analysis system offers you:

  • More levels of choice than the 4 seasons
  • Less options than the traditional Tonal way and avoids the confusion of words associated with it which confuses the consultants and the clients even more so.


Because it is broken down into easy, manageable sections that are easy for the colour coach to explain and for the client to remember.

There are:

4 warm levels: Bright Spring/Soft Spring/Bright Autumn/Soft Autumn

4 Cool levels: Bright Winter/Soft Winter/Bright Summer/Soft Summer


  • A clear starting point
  • A rechecking point
  • A simple 3 step process that will give and fill you with confidence



We also have people training with us who only want to use the 4 seasons or 12 tones method. Our steps and processes work for any method of colour analysis. To help you to decide which method is right for you we have all 3 methods available to try on the course, see which one appeals and feels right. That way , you know you will have it right.


Course description


The programme is delivered in easy-to-learn bite-sized chunks:

  1. Experience and learn our unique starting process that puts YOU on the right path.
  2. You will understand the difference between the traditional methods of colour analysis and why the Seasonal Twist™ method is simplified, yet gives you and your client more knowledge. 
  3. Embracing colour, colour energies and showing clients the amazing interaction in selecting colour combinations that work energetically for them.
  4. How to interpret your clients’ visual messages, especially when they’re mixed!
  5. How our modern tools work with all skin types
  6. My secret selling & marketing methods and how to use them to boost your income potential
  7. All about my mistakes so that you can spot them and avoid them yourself
  8. From June 2018 we will be live streaming colour sessions, there are currently 11 recordings in the on-line learning hub, so that you can witness an actual draping sessions done by Sue. You can interact and ask questions as we go along. These sessions offer continuous learning and you being able to see a variety of ladies with different visual looks.



There is SO much support for you


  • Sue will watch you practicing draping on 3 family members/friends in 3 x 1 hour separate sessions via a live video link so that you can get drape confident. 
  • Making videos for social media and your website
  • Guidance on creating visuals for client handouts
  • Guidance on creating visuals for your newsletters
  • Business coaching and mentoring.
  • Webinars happen every other Tuesday morning and they are recorded live and they then placed in the vault for you to watch. Sue is live on these webinars.  Group coaching at 8pm UK time are also recorded live.
  • Our webinar topics cover many subjects and topics because colour is a never ending topic of discussion
 The benefits to you: A continuous programme of learning, coaching and mentoring.



Sue is known for offering refreshing and innovative ways of working and marketing, here is a snippet of a recent webinar.

 Group courses 



Thursday 31st January and Friday 1st February in London (Victoria railway station area)

Thursday 28th February and Friday 1st March in Manchester 

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April at Gatwick 


When a course is full, a course sold out notice will show.




Venue 1 : Gatwick airport


Gatwick airport – perfect for those who need to fly in and fly out with ease. The Holiday Inn north terminal here:

The hotel is a 5 minute ride by bus shuttle service run by the hotel every 15 minutes and there is a small charge for this service. Car parking is available and there is no charge but you must enter your car number plate at reception each day.

We have secured a discount for rooms, please get in touch for more information.



Venue 2: Manchester –  opposite the Trafford Shopping centre


The Premier Inn Trafford centre west

Old Park Lane, Trafford Quays,Trafford CentreM17 8PG
Sat Nav Directions: M17 8PG
Free parking.


Venue 3: London – Victoria railway station area

The Grosvenor Hotel

Right by the railway station

1-2-1 training in your own home

However: If you really prefer your training to be in person in your own home, it can be arranged.

There is  a 1 day training option (and only because you can already understand seeing colour) or a 2 day training for those new to colour analysis.

You will need to have 3 models to practise on.

The training will take place IN YOUR OWN HOME. Fees are £1450.00 and £1900 respectively.  (Draping kit NOT included)

All fees are payable up front. A non refundable deposit of £500 is required to secure dates in the diary, the balance being paid no later than 30 days prior to your training starting.

Once your training is completed, you join the on-line learning hub to continue with support and mentoring and to join the webinars and on-line community.





PRICE is: £1900.00 (draping kit not included)

Deposit £500 to secure your training dates . This is non-refundable. Balance payment of £1400 is payable no later than 30 days prior to your course starting.

A buffet style lunch with hot and cold choices plus snacks and fruit plus teas and coffee are included.


Pay deposit here: £500.00 Please say which course you are booking in for.




If you are a UK resident you can pay by BACS if you prefer



Pay balance here: £1400.00 Please say which course you are attending. Balance payments are to be received no later than 30 days prior to your training/course starting.



You will need to order your draping kit following your training. The Seasonal Twist drape set has now been upgraded to a larger size, from 28 x 48 to 48 x 56cms which is a much better size for draping clients.You can find out about our draping kit Colour Analysis Drape kit

Delegate feedback

“It was really important to me that not only was my training in person, which was a fantastic experience but that I could keep in touch with Sue too and receive the encouragement I needed to get going. I love the webinars, they are so helpful, fun and inspiring, you always pick up some great hints and tips from Sue” Sandra

“I really enjoyed my 2 days training with Sue, rich in content, easy to learn, lots of practice with models. I learnt so much more than the previous training course that I’d done (not with Sue) where the colour part, which I was really interested in, was skimmed over in half a day!! Marilyn. 

I love your style of teaching Sue, so clear and concise. Catherine

So clear to understand and learn, simple language, 3 highly effective steps. Loving doing colour. Sandra. January 2015.

I have just had the pleasure of undergoing “Colour Analysis with a Seasonal Twist” training with Sue Cocks of QCIC. Just like colour, Sue was energetic in her passion for the topic, relaxed in her delivery of the training, balanced in her points of view, approachable and positive in her manner and it was a delight to meet her. Thanks to Sue, I am now well on my way to delivering the colour message to my clients, with my own individual style. Jane Chrumka. Colour Guru Extraordinaire Harmony Ridge Designs, Edinburgh.

So easy to learn and do, it is brilliant. Vicky

I was surprised and delighted at how easy it was to pick up. Elena

After much research into colour analysis & colour training I decided to train in the Seasonal Twist™ method. I found many of the other courses & training providers too prescriptive & inflexible. I felt they focused too much on colour & forgot the individual, body shape, style & proportions. The Seasonal Twist™ method is a modern, flexible way to assess colour. (Amanda M)

“Spent a fabulous couple of days with Sue, learnt such a lot. The Seasonal Twist Colour system is so easy to learn & understand” Amanda   “I contacted Sue in 2010, after searching the internet for an updated and revised Colour System. Sue responded to my inquiry about training options with some humor. “Well you either have to come to England or bring me to Canada!” there was no home study option available at the time. I completed my Image Consultant training in Vancouver, Canada in the fall of 2009. I fell in love with the Colour Draping process and knew I wanted to specialize in Colour. Unfortunately the colour system I was trained in felt complicated and out dated. I was left feeling frustrated and blocked. Fortunately after being in Europe for eight months, I found myself in England for the month of June, 2011. With great pleasure I called Sue and informed her that indeed I had made it to England! I completed my Colour training with Sue before returning to Vancouver in July, 2011. I took to the Seasonal Twist Colour System™ with ease and confidence. The system makes total sense and is simple and concise. It’s a real joy to use this system with my clients. It was such a pleasure to meet Sue and experience her warm, relaxed approach to training. I now feel well supported and confident in my future as a Colour and Personal Style Coach. Thanks Sue for all that you do!” – Linda Funk Vancouver, Canada


Telephone +44 (0)1737 354654 or get in touch via  email here  

guarantee09 We are so confident that the information you’ll learn on the course will give you what you need to run your consultations/services. So, if by the end of the first day you feel we’re not delivering on what is promised on this website, you can choose to turn in your material, exit the course and ask for a refund. Refunds are issued to the original purchaser only.

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