Colour Analysis Drape kit

Drape kits-Seasonal Twist™



QCIC Academy Seasonal Twist™ draping kit – 130 large drapes (48 x 56 cms)




Our kit includes:

130 large sized drapes 

plus 8 colour wands, 16 swatches & cover cape


We DO NOT include a colour wheel as we use the wands instead to explain colour

These drape kits are for trainees only. Please DO NOT order a set if you are not training with us. Thank you.



Price: £1120.00 – 130 large sized drapes + 8 colour wands + cover cape + 16 swatches





About the drape kits:

  • All drape kits are made to order by our supplier, they notify us when they are ready for dispatch and we will notify you when they are dispatched.
  • The drape kits are manufactured in our suppliers factory to exacting standards from 100% cotton poplin, and precision-dyed to ensure a rich consistent colour
  • The size of each drape is a large size measuring 48 x 56cm.   (Previously they were standard size 28 x 48 cms)
  • Drape kits are sent via a courier service. We will keep you informed of the travel and delivery status and we will supply you with a tracking number so that you can view the progress of the drapes. Estimated delivery times are:
  • We DO NOT include a colour wheel as we use the wands instead to explain colour






 Our swatches are the perfect size for colour sessions and are the best choice for assisting with shopping.


Our colour wands allow a very accurate assessment in any colour analysis session and they make it incredibly easy to determine cool and warm skin tone and then the level of colour for a season and tone and on all skin colours.














  1. UK – within 2-3 days of dispatch by courier (Monday to Friday)
  2. Europe – within 4-6 days of dispatch by courier (Monday to Friday)
  3. Rest of world – within 7-10 days of dispatch by courier (Monday to Friday)

If you would prefer standard size drapes 28 x 48 cms this can be arranged for you The price will be £560.00. Please note you get 130 drapes at standard size, 8 colour wands, 8 swatches and a cover cape. To order your set please get in touch. 


Any questions please call us on  +44 (0)1737 354654 or send a message here



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