Biziness Building skills

Join our Face Book group for Biziness Building Skills for those who wish to experience a softer approach to building and establishing their business.

So I want to tell you a story,

It’s a story about You, the colour coach, personal stylist, boutique owner, reiki healer, image consultant proudly displaying your certificate(s) after completing your courses/qualifications. You are so excited for your future, for the journey you are embarking on or maybe you’ve been ticking along for a while.

And very quickly on this journey as a daughter, aunty, wife, partner, maybe you’re a mummy and maybe you’re a carer,  you’ve begun to realise that it takes more than action on the practical tools to start and grow your interests and turn them into a business whereby you receive payments.

You realise that whilst its beneficial to have a website, logos and flyers about the services/products that you have available, YOU are also the main component of the brand aka your business.

You can be incredibly busy thinking you’re doing a lot of business by designing the above…….but there is SO much more to building a business. You can safely keep yourself small and hidden behind the wall of thinking but I’m building my business taking action perfecting my website, logo and flyers.

Then there is also the busyness of checking out your competition by ‘googling’ them and before you know it you’ve spent hours checking everyone out, their services/products and prices and thinking right, how can I undercut them? How can I get their clients to come to me?

You also get drawn into social media following XYZ to see what they’re up to on a daily/hourly basis….thinking what can I learn from them, what can I copy and use…….

Maybe you feel like you’re drowning trying to keep up with those who you see are doing incredibly well in your opinion and you keep thinking what can I do, how can I do that in a way that works for me?

And you often have stressful nights tossing and turning/laying awake trying to figure out what you need and want to make your business work, but you’re not sure where to start. You have the desire for it all to work but you’re fumbling around going around and around in a circle going nowhere.

Maybe you’re caught up in the taking more courses to get more qualifications hoping the knowledge will show potential clients that you really are so very good because look at all the certificates you have amassed!!

How can you draw in the clients to you without having all this stress….there has to be an easier way….

“With Sue’s wisdom and inspiration, she has you working smarter not harder”



Does this resonate

  • Do you want to build a business that you are so proud of, which is really a reflection of who YOU are?
  • Do you want to grab your passion, bottle it and put yourself out there in a way or two that fits you?
  • Do you, even though it feels scary, want and need to get confident discovering how to grow and expand your business in ways that will inspire and amaze you?
  • Do you want to stop observing everyone else and what they are doing and be surprised at the difference focusing on YOU makes?
  • Do you want to discover ways of working SMARTER not harder?


How do I know

  • Because I have experienced what you are experiencing and I’ve done a lot of the things that I thought would grow my business, charging around tons of networking events, struggling to write newsletters, struggling to chat to potential customers, not always seeming to find the right words to say and feeling really salesy. Thinking I had to work with anyone and if I did the experience was not an enjoyable one.
  • I wanted a better client experience every single time that floated my boat, inspired, enriched us and lifted not only them but me as well.Yes I wanted the whole chocolate box filled with the things I liked best. Damn it, I deserved it.
  • I wanted success like never before but in order to get it, I had to do things differently than I had ever done before. I knew that I would have to push past mind limiting thinking, mind monkey antics and get comfortable doing things in a much better way for me using the time I had available……and sometimes that would be short time slots.
  • I discovered hidden talents and skills which I could use in different ways…..and that is so exciting
  • I discovered who my client pairings were and how to draw them in as if I was using a magnet
  • I discovered that I didn’t need to find a way to fit in with everyone else, I found a way to stand out and be noticed


Sue has over 25 years of business building experience in the public sector and she totally gets connecting to the people who will be really great clients and customers. She knows the signs to look out for and she knows how to identify red flag people. You are not meant to work with just anybody (saying No to a non matching client is so liberating)… should be fun and enjoyable and yes while we all still have to do the mundane monthly and annual tax return, everything should be fun and enjoyable. Yes there will be times that you have life challenges and changes but its also how you react to them and how you respond that will impact your business. 


This face book group is for you if:

  • You will learn about setting up your clients sessions for positive outcomes every single time rather than just hoping and praying that they’ll go okay.
  • We’ll show you where you can get great visuals at very cost effective prices that will also enable you to create even more dazzling documents for your in-person clients sessions and workshops. This isn’t a sales pitch you’ll be pleased to know, but you will be blown away with what Sue shares with you.
  • Confidence building skills that you can quickly pick up and use
  • You will discover ways of working you never imagined you could
  • Ways of keeping yourself aligned and on track as your business grows and evolves
  • How to deal with the rascally mind monkey when it pops up for ‘air time’
  • How to deal with others around you who push and shove to try and get business
  • How to disengage with what is happening in the world
  • Learning how to focus on what you want to receive in your business because what you focus on you get more of so needing to be aware of where you focus a lot of your time on
  • If you sell clothing, you’ll discover ways of advertising you would probably rule out





What you will benefit from:

  • Being able to create some fabulous visuals that can be used on social media, in blogs, on your website and in your written documents that you give/send to clients that will make you look very professional and knowledgeable even if you are just starting out.
  • Surprising yourself as to how easy it all is to use.
  • Discovering how creative you can be and how easy it is to engage potential customers through social media.
  • Realising that business training isn’t about number crunching and putting yourself under pressure its about using your talents and skills in a way that is enjoyable that leads to business opportunities coming in. 
  • Coaching support and individual advice from Sue


How it all works:

  • Sue will be doing regular Face Lives at various different times to assist all time zones
  • You will be able to ask questions through the chat box


Who has benefited from coaching with Sue

  • Boutique owners
  • Personal stylists
  • Image professionals
  • Reiki specialists
  • Other coaches 




Join our secret Face Book by going to our face book page (icon below at bottom of page) and click the link that says visit group. You will need to answer 3 questions before you are admitted. Its going to become a great place to hang out. We look forward to seeing you there.




Comments from people who have benefited being trained by Sue

“Sue is an inspiring, amazing, uplifting trainer and coach”

“Sue offers down to earth coaching and advice that is so refreshing to hear. She truly gets putting yourself out there in the bigger picture in a way that suits you”.

“Really helpful advice that works that you can adapt for yourself. Sue is such as inspiration. I’m so glad I came across Sue, she is the only one who coaches this way and its brilliant”.

“I’ve learnt some great tips and benefited from hearing Sue’s vast experience. She presents subjects in such a way that you cannot fail to get consistent light bulb moments which you can use to broaden yourself, your business and services” Sandra

“Sue is such an inspiration to us” Mandy

“I love how Sue explains things so clearly and her sense of humour and fun…..I come away buzzing”

“Really enjoying Polyvore putting outfits together and it does not feel like working I guess when you do something you love it never does”. OMG I am having so much fun, dinner might be very late this evening!! Sandra

I know what you mean Sandra…you can just get totally lost in what you’re doing…meanwhile you’re learning new things/styles/ colour combos as you go. Amazing tool! Marilyn

“I suddenly looked at the clock and it was 3am… time flies”

“I’ve now created the visuals that I dreamed of, thank you so much Sue, your advise is so very valuable and appreciated”

“I never knew that there was so much available to us”


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