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Your relationship with your clothes is affected by the materials you wrap your body in, the colours you wear, your thinking and your comparison of yourself to others.

  • Wrapping your body in materials that make you feel constricted, lumpy and bumpy & uncomfortable will not enable you to look and feel confident
  • Wearing dark and barely there colours actively lowers your energy levels which affects how you feel and perform
  • Wearing styles that are not a match for your body shape causes you to feel tense and this shows
  • Being annoyed with yourself because you compare yourself to others who have the put together look you want


It is so easy when clothes shopping on your own to switch off the what is right for you button and to watch and see what others are trying on and purchasing. Have you ever grabbed an item of clothing that someone else has taken into the fitting room and come out look just great on them and you think, that’ll work for me but when you try it on, it leaves you feeling flat! And you storm off infuriated. 

Clothes shopping is  so much than just a set of clothes and outfits.

It is about understanding you, your personality, how you like to move, how you like to embrace and wear colour in any environment, falling in love with fabrics that love and skim your body shape, avoiding the ones that give you lumps and bumps.

When you stand in front of the mirror and smile at your reflection and feel that lovely warm glow because you feel so right, confident and just knowing you look great and that when you enter a room people turn and smile at you because you just have such a natural empathy connection coming from you that draws people to you.

Then you’ve nailed your signature style.




Which style type do you fall into and what are the style dilemmas?


Group 1:

You have a tendency to dress in dark clothing and in flowing creative styles – your quest is how to adapt your style for business so that you are taken seriously and embrace colour which will soften your look but will honour your creative streak.


Group 2:

You much prefer to dress casually, often in blue and green colours because you feel really good and grounded in them. Your quest is to up level your look for business but in such a way that you can still move. You often feel restricted and confined when wearing a suit because  you feel uncomfortable when your movement is restricted.


Group 3:

You are really drawn to vibrant colours and can wear some interesting flamboyant colour combinations. You love wearing colour because it gives you energy but in business you need help adapting and tweaking your colour combinations so that you are approachable. You are aware that sometimes how you currently choose to wear colour puts people off, of approaching you as you come across as loud and overly confident.


Group 4:

You have a preference for boxy shaped clothing and colours of creams and browns which can come across as dull and unimaginative. You are aware that in business your current style can be perceived as old fashioned. Your quest is to up level and update your look in a way that embraces your choice of boxy shapes whilst embracing more colour and balance.


Group 5:

Oh how you love everything to be matching and have a keen eye for detail. You always appear to be over dressed for many occasions because you really struggle with separates. Your quest is to embrace separates and a more relaxed business look especially if you are a trainer or coach.  



About You

  • You have a raised profile in your company and meet your clients in person so your look needs to say I’m approachable not authoritative
  • You are a presenter who knows that what you select can add pounds to your figure so discovering your best style is ultra important
  • You are a trainer or coach who runs training courses and workshops and you feel that you overly dressed for them so need a smart look that isn’t suited and booted
  • You are a professional speaker and your look needs to say I’m worth listening to
  • You run your own business and meet clients all the time but your look is currently a bit of a miss match or maybe you are stepping up into a business role and your previous look was very casual
  • You need to know how to do business casual
  • You are aware that your current style is too old or conservative for you
  • As a woman you just know that there are other dress choice options available for your body shape rather than just the ‘shift’ dress which you don’t feel comfortable in
  • Your personality is a bit full on and your current look puts clients off!!
  • You want a professional to assist you with your business style attire who isn’t a relative or spouse
  • You deliver webinars and video training courses and you’ve come to realise that what you have chosen previously is not presenting you in your best light, for example the wrong colours make you look tired and drawn and the wrong style clothes add pounds.
  • You need to clearly know what style work for you and which ones do not so that you can avoid them
  • You are 40+




Sue will accompany you on 2 x 1 day (10am-3pm) personal shopping trips in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham OR Bluewater, Kent where she will walk you around a store or 2 (or more) in a 12 month period, shopping once for warmer weather clothes and again for cooler weather clothes and outfits.

Sue will accompany you on a 1/2 day (10am-1pm) top up shop in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham OR Bluewater, Kent to get additional items of clothing as required.

Why are the shopping trips accompanied? 

In order to understand yourself and how you relate to your style choices you need to:

See why and understand how you have chosen what you have up until now and understand the tweaks needed to create different looks and you need to really see the options available to you and more importantly you need to see why garments and outfits don’t work for you.

Touch the fabrics and understand how they make you feel…..some you’ll love and others you won’t. This is huge in being confident and comfortable in what your wear.

Feel the garments on you….how you relate to each look and feel in them. This is the most important part, the feeling part of styling. Its where most people go wrong and that’s why its isn’t just about grabbing any garment and hoping it’ll work (and that’s why you have garments in your wardrobe with their labels on) it is about understanding your personal style traits and working with them to create the looks you’re after.

Sue will also take photos of you in outfits/garments that work for you and she will put these into a PDF and email it to you so that you can print it off and hang it in your wardrobe as a great aide memoire. Included in the document will also be photos of why some garments/outfits that do not work for your body shape and personality so that you can avoid buying them in the future. Our minds are so busy it is amazing how quickly we can forget what looked/didn’t look good so to have this reminder is priceless.


The stores we will visit will include:John Lewis, Selfridges, House of Fraser, individual shops and boutiques


Sue is a very experienced personal shopper whose clients include members of parliament, high profile men and women in business, entrepreneurs and individuals who invest in themselves in order to raise their personal profile. She is very discreet and all conversations remain utterly confidential.

She has a wicked sense of humour and is relaxed and fun to spend time with and is very knowledgeable on all matters of personal styling.


Walk in Style personal coaching is a very bespoke service. It is of very high value to the discerning man or woman who needs professional personal shopping & styling help over a 12 month period.

Your investment in yourself learning what style is truly yours is: £2500.00



On-line booking calendar

  1. Click the link below to view availability and to reserve a date and time slot. For this service just choose 1 day and Sue will add the other day/time slots after discussion with you.
  2. You will receive an email confirming your reservation.
  3. Your reservation will be confirmed
  4. You will receive a PayPal invoice for you to complete payment using any credit/debit card. You can pay by Bacs if you prefer.
  5. Once payment is received, your booking will be confirmed.
  6. A non refundable deposit of £500 will be required to secure the date if your booking is more than 30 days in advance. Balance payments are due no later than 30 days prior to your appointment taking place.


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We stand 100% behind this professional service and know that you will benefit from it. However if we do not deliver what we say we will on this web page we will refund your money to the original purchaser.




Clients who have worked with Sue

I have to say is that having decided to work with Sue has been one of the best decisions made in my life. She chooses articles of clothing for you to try on brilliantly.
If you tell her that an item isn’t quite to your liking she just beavers on until in my case, I  ended up with everything from suits and shoes to casual wear ~ and she made up a list to refer to say what goes with what with each item which is extremely useful – especially when you are in a hurry.
Would I have ever worn a pink or salmon shirt before? Never! They are now my favourite shirts which she chose to compliment my skin tone and hair colour and I am constantly given compliments from the ladies about how good I look.
Previously I felt that people ignored me…..for business and socially. I wasn’t noticed by anyone, it cost me business and personal relationships. Something had to change, I had to do something about it.

Now, having been styled by Sue,  my confidence has soared because I know that I look great and because of this, doors open far more readily and people take me far more seriously.

Now nine months later I’m having the time of my life, both at work and home. Andy

As I’m in the public eye, it is very important that I look good. Having booked Sue, she up-leveled my style significantly. I had to laugh when I tried on a suit option I chose, walked out of the fitting room and saw Sue’s face. She stood me in front of a mirror, took a picture and asked me to try on the suit she had selected. The difference was amazing, I felt so different as the suit Sue selected was a better fit, a nicer material and it felt sexy in a subtle way. When we compared the photo of me in the suit I choose to the one I was now in, there was no comparison, mine said frumpy and dumpy, Sue’s said confident business woman with a sassy hint!! I LOVED it. I now have a wardrobe of dresses, blouses, suits and trousers that I can confidently wear for any occasion that I feel fabulous and confident in. Jenny.


To apply for this bespoke coaching please get in touch via email or telephone +44 (0)1737 354654

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