Wardrobe refresher

Your wardrobes and cupboards could be full of hidden gems…..but you just don’t know how to create outfits.

You have an array of colours but struggle to see how to wear colour combinations

Lets create some outfits from what you already have.


Wardrobe refresher gets your wardrobe contents working for you.


  • You have lots of clothes in your wardrobes and cupboards but cannot figure out what/how you should put them together to create an outfit
  • You  struggle with what colour combinations will work together from the clothes you have
  • You keep buying new garments but don’t wear them
  • You don’t know how to identify the key missing pieces you need to make your clothes work for you
  • You wish you had some expert guidance to remove some of the clothes but keep what you like



How would you like some help?

If you are struggling with the mounting piles of clothes and sorting them out is overwhelming, then:

  • Sue will come to your home and evaluate the contents of your wardrobes and cupboards with you with a fresh set of eyes
  • The contents will be sorted into outfit choices for work, pleasure and social engagements
  • Created outfits will be tried on by you and a photo taken of each look for Sue to put together into a look book which will be emailed to you following the session so that you are reminded of what works well for you. You can print this off and hang it in your wardrobe for quick reference
  • You will have a number of ‘new’ outfits to wear and you can remove the few clothes that do absolutely nothing for you fit and style wise
  • Sue may and will identify a few key pieces that will create/complete some outfits for you to purchase when you are ready
  • You will have a much better understanding of creating looks which you love and will be able to shop more confidently in the future



This professional service will be a match for you if:

  • You struggle with clothes shopping and buy single garments that you have no idea how to mix and match with other garment pieces in your wardrobe/cupboards
  • You have garments you love but do not wear
  • You have loads of clothes but have nothing to wear
  • You know you have some great pieces but lack the confidence of creating an outfit from what you have
  • You would like a guiding hand from an expert who understands you and your struggles



How this service works:

  • Sue comes to your home
  • Prior to your appointment Sue will be in touch to gather some information prior to her arrival so that the session is as productive as possible
  • Sue will take photographs of you in the created outfits to create a Look Book for you, this is an essential part of the session because it will remind you of the different looks which otherwise you would naturally forget over time
  • Sue will give you hints and tips on styles, looks and colour combinations
  • You do not need to have had your colours done prior to this session as the concept of the session is to work with the colours and garments that you currently have



PRICE: £325.00

This session takes between 2-3 hours in your home.

To book a session please get in touch by calling 01737 354654 or send an email here

To pay for your session or to buy someone a gift voucher please click here

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