Styling Course

Style personalities, wardrobe weeding and personal shopping.

One you’ve mastered colour analysis, its time to look at adding services and packages for your female clients.

In this on-line programme we will look at:

  • how style personalities reflect how we are attracted to certain garments
  • how materials and textures make a world of difference when styling clients
  • how designs or block colours influence our clients choices
  • how colour combinations fit into our wardrobe of clothes
  • how detailing can make or break a look
  • once you know and understand your clients personal styling needs you can then de-clutter their wardrobe & cupboards, how to do it, what to remove and what to keep and the time frames that work
  • Personal shopping, identifying what is required and getting those essential pieces and/or just taking clients shopping without any other services being used.


What you’ll learn

  • In order to offer personal styling services for women, you really have to understand their style personality first and foremost because with that comes the understanding of the textures that appeal to them and which ones do not.
  • When you understand style personalities it is very easy to do personal shopping and be very successful at it.
  • When you understand how to upgrade your clients personal style by mixing different looks, colour combinations, designs, fabrics, it becomes a breeze to do.
  • When you understand your clients style personalities you can then declutter their wardrobes and cupboards with ease and they will really understand why garments are being cleared out.
  • Not everyone can afford to dispense with the majority of garments in their possession so we will look at how to make what they currently have work for them until they can replace them with better options.
  • Your clients will really understand themselves better, why they buy what they do, how to upgrade their look, dress for any occasion.
  • And then you can go shopping.
  • Also on this course we will look at how to offer packages on-line that will enable you to work with more customers too.


How it all works

  • There are 3 weekly live webinar classes as Sue takes you through the style personalities and how this is interpreted into garments. If you cannot make them they are recorded and they are placed in the on-line vault for viewing at your convenience. 
  • The dates for the webinars are: All Tuesdays at 7pm UK time, 20th and 27th June and 4th July
  • Guidance notes and other visuals, audios, videos and photos will be provided.


This price is: £250.00 



Sign up here: TBA


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