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Personal Shopping for Women


There is huge pressure from the media for women to wear the latest looks, but we are all unique shapes and sizes and the latest looks do not suit us all equally well. 


While many women are fascinated by fashion, shopping and shoes, a few of us don’t know where to start or we get stuck in buying same old, same old. And how many of us are 100% confident that we get it right every time? Own up, don’t you have a mistake (or two) lurking in the back of the wardrobe?


Most of us live multi-facetted lives, ranging from mother to daughter to sister to wife, businesswoman to partner to presenter to friend. Your clothes should reflect your lifestyle across all these roles, while representing your individuality and the impression you wish to make.



If you’re feeling:

  • Stuck when you go clothes shopping
  • Buy clothes you do not wear
  • Buy clothes that make you feel lumpy and bumpy
  • Feel overwhelmed at the choice available or seemingly unavailable to you



If you tend to keep buying the same style of garment which then hangs in the wardrobe still with its labels on or maybe you buy the style you do because you feel safe but you don’t feel comfortable in it…..maybe its time to get Sues’ help.  



Wouldn’t you benefit from knowing:

  • You’ll understand which fabrics stick to your body shape like glue making you feel fat and frumpy
  • You’ll understand which fabrics skim your body shape and create a wonderful silhouette and give you confidence
  • You’ll understand why your style personality is drawn to certain styles and how to upgrade your look mixing and matching other style traits and looks so that you feel great.
  • You’ll see how to mix and match colour and create a capsule wardrobe of clothes that you actually wear rather than buying single item garments that don’t go with anything.


On the day itself:

  • Sue will take photos of you in every outfit you try on to remind you of what looked great
  • Sue will also take photos of you in garments that didn’t work
  • Sue will take photos of you in fabulous colours and combinations and also ones that were not good 
  • The photos will remind you of looks you loved but maybe couldn’t buy all the outfits on the day and its a great reminder of them and going forward you will be able to purchase them or similar when you are ready to do so.


Following your shopping trip:

A couple of days after the shopping trip you will receive from Sue an aide memoir in PDF format which will include the photos of all of the garments/outfits you tried on so that you:

  • Are reminded of great styles/looks that work for you
  • Are reminded of what to avoid buying and why
  • Are reminded of great colour combinations and the not so great
  • Are reminded of why the shape of garments is so important for your specific body shape and why
  • Are reminded of fabric choices that work for you

You will be able to save the PDF to your phone or tablet so that you always have it with you to refer to.



Morning session:  £350.00 (10am-1pm)


A day session is £400 (10am-3pm)



Appointment availability:

Monday to Friday and limited Saturdays. 



Buy a Morning session here £350.00 (please tell us if you are buying for  gift)





Buy a Day Session here £400.00 (please tell us if you are buying for a gift)






Gift vouchers are sent via recorded delivery. The gift voucher recipient has 6 months to book their session. GV’s are sent out within 24 hours of purchase once payment is received. If you are short on time we can email you a gift voucher to print off yourself.Telephone enquiries: 01737 354654 between 10am-5pm  or  email 



Sue’s main shopping areas are London, Bluewater, Kingston, Guildford, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol but not limited to these

Sue’s one rule is that she will ask you to try on items of clothing; you do not have to buy them, but trying them on can be an eye opening experience and could expand your options of colours, styles and fabrics that look good on you. Her approach is gentle and guiding not abrupt and pushy.



Feel Confident & Stylish in your clothes whatever the situation


“My lovely husband brought me a shopping trip with Sue as a birthday gift. Sue is such a lovely lady to spend time with, she knows where to go, which fabrics love my body, how to match trends to my personality. Sue took me into shops which I had stopped going into years ago as I thought that I was ‘past it’ but by doing so she showed me how they are catering to a wider target market and I had been missing out on this due to my blinkered view. I now have a capsule wardrobe that I love and most importantly wear. Husbands do what mine did and purchase a gift voucher for your wife, it is the best present ever and Sue is the lady for the job”. Chloe


“A wonderful day spent in Sue’s company. I now understand what to look for in clothes, what works for me in fabric, styles, fit, movement and comfort and very importantly what doesn’t work for me and why. Sue gently coaxed me to try on garments that previously I wouldn’t have looked at let alone try on. I’ve learnt an awful lot about my shopping habits and am now able to view shopping from a more informed person”. Jane. 

“Wow, I could not believe the difference wearing the right colours & fabrics makes. Now I know how to look ten years younger, without the surgery. Sue you’re wonderful thank you so very much; my confidence has soared.” Mary.

“I always struggled with buying clothes, the ones I did manage to buy left me feeling old, fat and frumpy. After a session with Sue I feel confident buying styles that suit me, colours that lift me and don’t drag me down and I shop in shops I’d always dismissed. It is so nice to feel confident in what I’m wearing, wherever I’m going or whoever I’m seeing. A superb confidence building session, I’ve learnt so much. Sue is an excellent coach” Babs.

As a coach I always felt overdressed in front of my clients, Sue showed me how to adjust my style so that I felt confident and stylish yet put my clients at ease. A great investment in me. Pamela.

As my colleagues get progressively younger and I’m heading the other direction, I wanted to upgrade my look so that I felt more confident in the office. Sue gently showed me how to do this by putting me in wrong looks first so that I felt wrong and then she showed me the much better looks, fabrics and colours that gave me the upgraded look that I was after. Sue is great fun to spend time with, you’ll learn an awful lot from her” Maikie 

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