Colour Session

The ‘secret’ to wearing colour successfully


I love and adore colour…..i love all the different colours from the brightest to the deepest, to those with immense depth of colour to the lightest, barely there colours. I love how every single person relates to colour differently. I love how, when you get colour right, you feel like you’re wearing the most delicate fabrics, you feel special and how by identifying the colours that are not a match for you can help you to avoid feeling, drab, fat, frumpy, no confidence and down in the dumps. Knowing is priceless, its the best gift to give and share with the world. Sue Cocks.



An alternative way of looking at colour and its impact.



Understanding how colour impacts how YOU feel on a daily basis is important….and it doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s just about having colour awareness and knowing how to wrap our bodies in colour, simply yet effectively because it goes deeply to our core the impacts of which show up on the outside.

“I don’t remember why I stopped wearing colour and wore mainly black, I suppose it just became a habit”

It’s so very easy to fall into a habit of buying black or navy and just putting a white or cream top with it. It becomes your ‘unintentional outfit’ and whilst black/navy and white can be a striking ensemble in a pattern, in block colours its boring, it doesn’t raise your energy levels and leaves you feeling fat, frumpy and exhausted.

It is so easy to dress automatically in black and white for business events because we fear dressing in colour and getting it wrong….yet getting it right gets us noticed and remembered for all the right reasons PLUS it makes us feel so good and we therefore perform in  much better way.

“What I really benefited from hearing and learning from Sue was that when I need to make a good impression, whether its at a wedding, working or just at pleasure, the colours that I wear will affect how I come across in the way I’m seen and received by others and how I look and feel” Helen.


For many women when our hair starts to go grey, this can often be a great source of dismay to us.  You suddenly feel very different about yourself and not in a good way. Once confident you can feel dull, uninteresting in many ways not just visually and this is a major turning point in you stopping wearing colour. You feel that as your hair is now dull and lifeless you unconsciously start dressing in drab colours too. The times Sue hears women say “well my hair is grey so I dress in grey to try and match it”!!

As nature wraps our world with wonderful colours of all strengths and shades so too do we wrap our bodies in various strengths and shades of colour or maybe not and if our bodies are in a miss-match with the colour energies we have selected for ourselves, then our bodies and energy levels are going to feel out of whack and this shows up in how we feel about ourselves.

Being consciously aware of the colours we select and wear helps us to understand ourselves and to be in alignment with our bodies. 

What you will experience with Sue


A lovely relaxing 90+ minutes of enrichment as together we discover your harmonising colours by using a series of drapes and colour wands to identify some great colours for you BUT there is more to it than that. We will discover together how you and your body react to the energies in the colours, how they bring you to life and fill you with warmth and energy OR the ones to avoid/change how you wear them so that they do not leave you looking and feeling drained.

I won’t do your make-up, not because I’m rubbish at it, I want to spend the majority of time on the importance of discovering the wonderful colour combinations that will create your capsule wardrobe. To do this I will use my drapes to identify them, take photos of you with them and create a colour look pdf which I will forward to you following your colour session. This will normally arrive in your inbox within 48 hour as it isn’t something that I will rush through. With it you will also receive some colour charts with further colour combinations for you to consider. A colour session is about giving you guidance on some colours which are a match for you. It isn’t about blocking you in with wow colours that you are to wear forever. The swatch which I give you is a guide to the undertone and level of colour that is a match for you and when you are at the shops you use it to guide you that you are on the right track choosing garments that will love you back and to remind you of the ones that will not. There are new colours out every season and with your swatch, holding it over the garments you are looking at as potential buys, you will see if you are on the right path or not. Colour levels are a guide and you have free will to turn the volume of colour up or down as you so wish. 

And if you are a colour conscious aware business women you will get to know which colour combinations work in different business events, how to honour who you are and understanding other personalities and their colour combinations around you which will help you to relate to them.

A colour analysis session will help you in several ways:

  • You’ll be more confident clothes shopping
  • It will identify some colours that you already like and it will also give you others to consider and embrace too
  • You’ll be more confident choosing highlights & colours in your hair styles
  • It’ll be easier to choose make up
  • You’ll feel more confident at any event you attend
  • You’ll feel more confident at interviews
























Using our amazing colour wands we will clearly show you what happens to your features demonstrating the correct and incorrect undertone of colours, its dramatic, its fun and its very enlightening.

Taking the beautiful colours that nature supplies us with every season, we take those as a base and expand them out further so that we work with  8 levels of colour: 

Bright and soft Spring

Bright and soft Summer

Bright and soft Autumn

Bright and soft Winter

This way offers us more choice in the levels of colour and it is very easy to understand.

How does the session work?

  • Sue comes to you for your colour session. All that is needed is a place to lay out her drapes and mirror, oh and a chair for you to sit on.
  • A series of drapes are placed around your neck line and face to determine which colours lift you and bring you to life and which ones leave you looking drained and tired.
  • Sue will take photographs of you in the drapes in order to create the colour look book she provides which is a great aide memoir of your session. This is invaluable because it is easy to forget overtime which colours you particularly loved.
  • You are given a swatch of 30 colours to assist you with future shopping trips.
  • You will receive from Sue following your session a colour look PDF which will remind you of some great colour combinations shown to you. You can save this to your tablet or print it off and hang it in your wardrobe.
  • You will also understand how your energy level is affected by the colours you wear, so Sue will demonstrate how to lift your energy levels using colour combinations. You will also receive some written information from Sue about the energetic impact of colour.
Sessions take about 90 minutes. Please note no make-up is done with these sessions.

You will be a match for this method of colour analysis if you:

  • Have become aware that when you wear certain colours you feel low and flat in energy
  • You feel that you don’t do the ‘black & white’ dress code thing because it doesn’t feel right to you and you would like guidance over what does ‘it’ for you colour-wise.
  • Want to know more about how colour & colour energy works for you, how to use it effectively yet simply everyday, whatever the occasion.
  • Want to understand yourself better.
  • Want to shop for clothes with a better understanding of what to look for in levels of colour.
  • To love & embrace yourself more from a self care point of view.
  • You are ready to discover how colour will change the way you dress going forward.


Appointments are available on a Monday to Friday and a limited number of Saturdays. Get in touch between 10am-5pm by telephone 01737 354654 or email. 


Geographical area covered: Surrey, Kent, West Sussex – About a 70 mile radius of M25 J 8 (Reigate)

Got questions, book an appointment please call  01737 354654 or send a message here

If you would like to book a session with a friend, no problem, 3 is the maximum number.

Gift vouchers are sent via recorded delivery Monday to Friday. The gift voucher recipient has 6 months to book their session.




Pay for your session/Buy a gift voucher below (please state if a gift voucher)



Have your colours done with a friend for £120.00 each.



“I haven’t worn colour for years and I bumped into Sue in a shop and I was amazed and very envious of how she just walked along pulling out colours. We chatted and she explained very briefly (because she was with family) about how knowing your colours really helps when clothes shopping. I took her card and we chatted on the phone. I just knew that I needed to have a colour session with Sue and its proved to be so insightful and amazing. Seeing how I react to colour in my face and how I feel with the colours has been very beneficial. Its taken years off of my face, quite literally, by wearing the right colours for me and its helped me to see also that wearing the wrong colours ages me and makes me feel down and depressed. Everyone should have their colours done for an amazing lift in looks and confidence”. Rita.

” A fascinating session, I could not believe what happened when I wear certain colours…..OMG….I’m so glad that I know what works and what to avoid”. Kathy.

“So interesting, I was amazed and delighted by the process which was clearly explained by Sue. I’m so pleased that I know which colours lift me and which ones drag me down…..visually and emotionally. A fantastic birthday gift from my hubby” Rachel

“I spent a couple of wonderful hours with Sue having my colours assessed, so much fun and laughter and a great insight into how colour works and affects me personally. A wonderful birthday pressie”. Nicole

“It is so lovely working with someone who is so passionate about colour and who just wants you to have such a lovely time being enriched with colour. I was amazed at how colour works for me, how it lifts me up and why others leave me flat and drained. i have a really good understanding of colour now, so glad I treated myself to this wonderful session with Sue” Rimca 

“I found the session to be very beneficial and cathartic. I felt very healed afterwards with your demonstration of the drapes and your encouraging words” Amalia

“I loved how you showed me to consider other colour options with more depth of colour and also how to wear them in colour combinations. The colour look PDF you sent afterwards is a great reminder of  an assortment of colour combinations that works for me. Thank you Sue, I found the session fun and informative…..better than a massage or beauty treatment. Denise.

“The best birthday present ever. I learnt so much about myself and discovered some great colours and combinations to wear” Kat

“I really enjoyed discovering the ‘real me’ and how I relate to colour and my style. Very informative and great fun too”. Kelly

“I had my colours done years before but had lost my way. This time round with Sue as my coach I felt that everything was explained in a better way, the colour wands are a brilliant tool for showing why the correct colour undertone is important when buying your garments. The time went by so quickly but I now have some great tips when I’m out buying clothes” Maws

“I enjoyed my colour session with Sue so much, all was clearly demonstrated, I understood each stage and feel I’ve gained a lot of information that I can really use” Babs

“Really loved my session with Sue; I could clearly see each stage as we went through. Sue explained the process so well and in words that I could understand. Love my swatch and in particular the colour palettes, ingenious idea which really helps with shopping and packing to go away” Paula

“My hubby treated me to a colour session with Sue which I really enjoyed because it not only confirmed that I had some colours right, but showed me other options too. I love the colour palettes, I used them when packing for a weekend away and they really work. Thank you Sue so much” Wendy

“I found out about Sue via an advert on Face Book. As soon as I saw the image showing as Sue calls it the ‘facial fall’ I knew I needed to see her. I was not disappointed, Sue explained everything so well, we had some great laughs at what the wrong undertone did to me and very importantly how to avoid it. I now feel that I glow whether I’m having just a t-shirt day or I’m out with friends all dressed up. The swatch really helps when I’m shopping as a great reminder and the colour palettes are fabulous”. Stephanie

“I’m so impressed with my session with Sue; I now understand how to create a capsule wardrobe thanks to the colour palettes (love them) and the swatch helps me to consider other colours in my spectrum, a great reminder. Understood all Sue said, explained in words that I got and great tools used too; love the colour wands, what a great idea. Thanks Sue” Cindy




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