Colour analysis frames

There are so many ways to use these fabulous colour analysis frames

  • in talks and workshops
  • demonstrating to ladies which colours suit them and which do not
  • in training courses
  • in webinars and videos
  • in on-line services
  • in your shops and boutiques
  • demonstrating how to select make-up and hair colours
  • earn extra money






“My friends always come to me for style advise, so when I saw these frames I jumped at the change to earn some extra income advising my friends and their friends on colours and styles that suit them. With the additional income I’m now receiving from using the frames, I will be able to have a holiday this year”. Sam





“A friend who’d trained with Sue recommended these frames to me. I was really nervous about my first workshop and didn’t want to come across as a finger wagging bossy boots so the frames looked a great way of opening up the workshop. They were such a hit, the conversation they generated was so nice, so much laughter, so much fun. It was just the softer approach that I needed to chat about colour” Beth


Talks and workshops

Sue knows from her own personal experiences when starting out and having listened to many hundreds of fellow colour consultants, the frustration of not getting bookings from talks. You put a lot of time and energy into preparing them and the audience tell you what an interesting talk you gave but bookings just don’t seem to happen like you’d hope for and this leaves you doubting yourself.

The day that the penny dropped for Sue was the day she gave a talk and used a visual that gave her audience the WHY they needed to book a session with her. And this is why she created these colour analysis frames to help you to give your audience the WHY they should book a session with you. Using these frames to demonstrate the difference the undertone does using a 50/50 split of the frames as shown in the video really grabs your audiences attention. As one lady said to Sue after ‘that’ talk, I have listened to several talks by image consultants which were interesting, BUT you showed me WHY I needed to book  a colour session urgently. You can have this reaction too.


“A group of 16 ladies on a 2 hour workshop totally loved these colour frames, they had so much fun holding the frames around their faces, taking photos of each one, then selecting the best one. They couldn’t believe the impact colour made to their faces, from the beginning of the workshop to the end they were totally hooked in”. Sue


Creating a passive income product

Sue used to think that colour analysis could only be done in person but as time has gone by she realised that doing someones colours had to be modernised and moved into the digital era.

You would be able to offer this product at starting retail price of £15-20 per person or more dependent on what is included in the package you are going to offer. For example:

  • You could just offer a basic DIY colour kit with just the frames
  • You could offer a step up level where you include a swatch once they’ve self analyzed and you could charge more for this.
  • You could include a personal styling package which includes the DIY colour frames also as an on-line product.
  • You can use the frames for your talks to help generate real interest in your personal colour analysis sessions.
  • If you run a stall at a craft market/exhibition you can have some pre-printed frames with you and do an instant on the spot analysis and get paid for it. Ladies love to jump at an opportunity.
  • Your friends come to you for style advice so earn money advising friends on which colours look good on them.






















See the difference between cool and warm colours. The right side of my face lifts, whilst the left side loses its shape!



Compare cool and warm colours. See how my right eye has gone dark yet my left eye is bright.


Compare cool colours around a face, what a yucky colour I’ve gone.


Compare warm colours around a face look how they lift my features, sparkly eyes, clear skin







Photo’s taken in natural daylight, frames printed on normal printer paper. It is so easy to see the differences in cool and warm colours.







You’ll have so much fun taking the photos because we all pull really funny faces posing with the frames……but this is just so great as everyone relaxes and a great atmosphere is achieved. So much better than the audience just sitting listening to you.





See how one side of my face either falls and droops or lifts when folding the frames and using them in the 50/50 split….its quite amazing.  See how the eyes either light up or completely ‘dim’. See how the skin colour either looks radiant or yucky looking?


Top tip from Sue: Take a photo of each person in the 4 seasons /coloured or metallic frames and view them on your camera, phone or tablet….you will easily be able to see the changes in skin tone and level of colour that way. Clients and potential clients love it and doing this in a group is especially fun and generates tons of conversation and interaction. 


The frames come in the 4 seasons: spring, autumn, summer and winter colours PLUS 4 x metallic frames, 2 reds, 2 greens and 2 blues. They are blank in the middle, photographs have been placed for demonstration purposes only. 



“The students were not getting it during the session on undertone in selecting  make-up, I remembered seeing these frames advertised on face book so during the break I brought them, printed them off and wow, they totally got the attention of the students, who when they saw the photos of themselves and the others in each one really got to understand why color undertone is so important. I also loaded the images onto a power point presentation too which I use all the time now. A very helpful tool in training and teaching”  Berit.



For talks and workshops

  • Bring fun and interaction to your talks and workshops
  • Print the frames out and demonstrate the frames by holding them either around your face or fold in half and place either side of  your jaw line as demonstrated in the video.
  • Create REAL interest in your colour analysis sessions
  • Will get your audience laughing and genuinely interested in what the effects colour has on them and encourage them to book.
  • Teaching students in make-up and hair styling, gets them to see the importance of warm and cool skin tone.
  • Get a model to sit in a chair, you stand behind them and hold the frames either side of the models face and be amazed at the audience reaction to the changes they see happening in real time.









“These frames are amazing, I run a designer boutique and I wanted my clients to understand why some colors looked good on them and why others did not. I stood my clients in front of a mirror and they held the frames around their faces, oh how we laughed at the differences the colors had and it got the message across easily” Asha. SA 




Offer Colour Analysis Do-it-yourself kits through your website.

  1. Client buys the colour analysis frames and receives a word file direct from your website.
  2. They print off the frames onto normal A4 paper.
  3. They then place a photo of themselves in the middle of each frame and decide which colours best suit.
  4. The frames can be folded to make them smaller if need be. 
  5. The client can also cut the middle out of the frame and hold each one around their face too.

Top up your income from the day job or earn money while your children are at school

Earn extra income advising your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues which colours suit them and which do not. The coloured and or seasonal frames will show you warm and cool colours (compare winter & spring frames) and then you can simply choose between  the seasons, winter & summer or spring and autumn.

You can either give them the frame with the season that suits them best or send them a colour palette.

This is a really fun way to assist your friends with clothes shopping and can be used on its own or you can add the service to existing earning products you have which could be make-up, hair jewellery for example.




Additional digital product services you can offer – grab opportunities that arise.

  • Image for a moment, a lady asks you to assess her colours on the spot (you could be at a networking event or running a stall at an event) and is happy to pay you to do so………well now you can.
  • When you’ve brought the frames, right click on each one and save as a picture on your desk top/laptop. Then open each frame 1 at a time in word, have a photoshop application open and drag across/upload frame, save with a transparent background and then save as a JPEG or PNG.
  • Then save on your laptop/desk top or tablet. To add an image/photo, have the frame open in a photoshop application and also the photo you wish to upload, drag across and fit into the frame and save.
  • Take a photo of the customer and save it to your device.
  • Up load a frame, place the lady’s photo in the middle and save, do the same for each frame, then you can see together which one looks best and you can then send the chosen frame to her email or phone. How easy is that and you secured a payment as well. Not everyone can wait for an appointment or they act in the moment AND you WILL be able to respond. How great is that.

Please note: You will need to have photoshop or something similar on your desktop/laptop for this.







Whats in it for YOU

  • You can help more clients locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The frames are already made up for you, all you have to do is make a page on your website and upload the word file to your payment link page, if using PayPal, the link goes into the section that says take client to this link when payment complete (step 3 on the payment links page)
  • You can generate more income throughout the year.
  • If you don’t have a website you could use them as a taster session and then the client can come to you for a full colour analysis session to get the full information by you using your drapes.
  • Because people from many countries will be buying this product, the only writing is on the page footer, which is the copyright.


Whats involved

  1. You purchase a licence from us to use the product. It is a one time fee starting from £35.00 depending on which set/bundle you buy.
  2. The licence gives you permission to use the colour analysis frames in your business in the work you do.
  3. The license gives you permission to sell the frames on-line to your personal colour analysis clients
  4. The license gives you permission to print and use the frames in your colour analysis/styling sessions
  5. The license gives you permission to use the frames to make digital visuals


QCIC Academy hold the worldwide copyright.

  • You may not sell the product on-line to other colour consultants, image consultants or other professionals in any field or those training.
  • You may not sell the product in any other way otherwise that which is stated.
  • Break the licence and it will cost you dear.
  • By buying the colour analysis frames you agree to these terms.

People who have brought this product include: Hair stylists, personal stylists, colour consultants, beauticians, boutique owners, design students, dress makers

Prices start from £20.00

Your options to buy are as follows: 

  1. The 4 seasons & 12 tones frames starter set click here
  2. The metallic frames click here
  3. The coloured frames – 2 red, 2 blue, 2 green, 1 pink, 1 orange click here
  4. Bundle pack of all the frames the above click here


Immediate download available after purchase. You are able to alter the size of the frames to suit your needs.

Comments from buyers

“These frames just encourage conversation, they are brilliant” Nancy USA

“I advise on make-up products and these frames allow me to show the clients why some colours look really good on them and others that do not. I held a small workshop which I charged for and I had a lovely fun time showing the different colours in each season and I was also able to link in the make-up with each season. This has allowed me to increase my sales dramatically” Kelly

“My audience found my talk very interesting and Sue’s frames were a big hit” Loraine

“I had a printer friend enlarge the frames for my talks, they are wonderful and really engage the audience”. Petra

“I am finding myself doing lots of talks and workshops so these will be great and fun to use” Nicky

“Lovely frames, easy to set up and use” Lucy USA

“These are great, they print off really well and my clients love them” CB India

A brilliant product, so unique and usable”

“WOW, what a great product, so colourful, prints really well, my clients loved it”

A remarkable product, so easy to use and an ingenious idea”

At last, a product that helps us earn passive income, so very, very clever but then where Sue is involved shouldn’t be surprised at all”

“Only Sue would think of this, its brilliant and I love it and highly recommend it”

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