Biziness Building skills

Biziness Building Skills for those who wish to experience a softer approach to building and establishing their business.


For many people when they’ve finished their training courses, if they are offered business advice its get so many customers in so many days or you’re failing!!! Well nothing will put you in a bigger panic and meltdown whilst putting yourself under enormous pressure than doing this.

Lets look at business matters in a different way that will light you up with enthusiasm and which will get you in front of potential clients who start to interact with you which leads to them booking to work with you all without having to be salesy about it.




On the one hand:

  • How often have you viewed other image professionals visuals and thought ‘how have they created that’
  • Maybe you’ve used someone else’s visuals from Pinterest for your blog post and keep your fingers crossed that you won’t get caught out
  • You’re worried about copyright and breaching those laws (which can be very expensive) and want to create visuals which keep you on the right side of the law
  • You want to create visuals and then change them at your own will
  • You’re wondering about having to engage a design specialist to create visuals for you
  • You’re thinking that you cannot possibly do any techie stuff. Well Sue thought so too and now she has learnt it, she will explain it to you in such an easy way that you cannot fail to get it.



Wouldn’t you just love to learn the secrets so that you can use your creative prowess to grow and expand your services?




On this programme you will get:

  • A video recorded in a live webinar where Sue takes you through each stage of setting up and using Polyvore & Canva to your best advantage.
  • You will be able to download and print off webinar guidance notes on the steps shown to you.
  • By then end of each webinar you will be immediately able to step yourself up and create those fabulous visuals.
  • Monthly live webinars with Sue


On the other hand:

  • You will learn about setting up your clients sessions for positive outcomes every single time rather than just hoping and praying that they’ll go okay.
  • We’ll show you where you can get great visuals at very cost effective prices that will also enable you to create even more dazzling documents for your in-person clients sessions and workshops. This isn’t a sales pitch you’ll be pleased to know, but you will be blown away with what Sue shares with you.
  • Confidence building skills that you can quickly pick up and use
  • Ways of keeping yourself aligned and on track as your business grows and evolves
  • How to deal with the rascally mind monkey when it pops up for ‘air time’
  • How to deal with others around you who push and shove to try and get business
  • How to disengage with what is happening in the world
  • Learning how to focus on what you want to receive in your business because what you focus on you get more of so needing to be aware of where you focus a lot of your time on


PLUS: A monthly webinar with Sue 

Join Sue on the 4th Thursday of every month for a live group gathering (7pm UK) as we discuss business building and mindset matters. Structured help and advice is given during the Q&A section of the call. If you cannot make the call live due to your schedule or time zone differences, you are invited to email in with your questions. 



What you will benefit from:

  • Being able to create some fabulous visuals that can be used on social media, in blogs, on your website and in your written documents that you give/send to clients that will make you look very professional and knowledgeable even if you are just starting out.
  • Surprising yourself as to how easy it all is to use.
  • Discovering how creative you can be and how easy it is to engage potential customers through social media.
  • Realising that business training isn’t about number crunching and putting yourself under pressure its about using your talents and skills in a way that is enjoyable that leads to business opportunities coming in. 
  • Coaching support and individual advice from Sue


How it all works:

  • You learn from the comfort of your home.
  • Once you have paid, you will receive a link to the on-line learning hub where you have access to the webinars and written guidance notes
  • You work your way through the programme at your own pace, watching and listening to the guidance given by Sue, this can be by video or audio, download the notes and put what you have learnt into action


  • You will find this programme helpful if you are looking for advice on creating professional visuals for your clients whether its for group work or 1-2-1 documents (in person and on-line services).
  • You will also find this programme helpful if you do not associate with the traditional methods of business which is pushy and salesy. You will receive guidance on setting yourself up for business success in a softer gentler way which helps to connect you to and find your clients.


Basic skills required for you to benefit from this programme:

1. If you have mastered being able to send emails with attachments
2. You can copy and paste
3. You can use social media

Then you have the skills required.


PRICE: £150.00

3 monthly payments of £50.00

Now available, sign up here: 


Comments from people who have benefited being trained by Sue


“I love how Sue explains things so clearly and her sense of humour and fun…..I come away buzzing”

“Really enjoying Polyvore putting outfits together and it does not feel like working I guess when you do something you love it never does”. OMG I am having so much fun, dinner might be very late this evening!! Sandra

I know what you mean Sandra…you can just get totally lost in what you’re doing…meanwhile you’re learning new things/styles/ colour combos as you go. Amazing tool! Marilyn

“I suddenly looked at the clock and it was 3am… time flies”

“I’ve now created the visuals that I dreamed of, thank you so much Sue, your advise is so very valuable and appreciated”

“I never knew that there was so much available to us”


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