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Business Balance Practices

When you’re starting out or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and if you’re a person who just doesn’t do the pushy/shovy  way of getting business, then you’re going to really like our business guides as they will help you to settle into an approach that is softer and allows you to build up your confidence in such a way that you  can remain calm and in balance as your business journey evolves.

These guides have been created by our founder Sue Cocks who found that the traditional ways of marketing and goal setting and chasing after potential clients, cold calling etc just didn’t do it for her and in fact many others. Trying to ‘fit’ in the traditional way has always left Sue uncomfortable and at times made her cringe……so she found an alternative way of keeping aligned doing business in a ‘softer’ but achievable way.

Whats included

  • Daily practices – set up your day for success
  • Get very clear on who you wish to work with and it won’t be anyone and everyone
  • Actively setting up your client experiences every time in order to have the best experiences rather than just leaving it to chance
  • Business planning practices – the loving it approach
  • Clearing ceremony – release and let it go

The guides are sent in a link after payment has been received

Price  £18.00




” I wish that I’d had this when I trained because it really would have helped me to settle down, very useful and thought provoking” Sophie

“It had never occurred to me to think of 2 sides to every story, the positive and the negative. For me, all too often the negative would get the loudest voice, not anymore” Loraine

“Just what I needed, great exercises and tips as always from Sue”

“When you’re starting out, it is very overwhelming and it is very easy to get scared putting yourself out there in the big wide world. I love the energy of these practices, easy to follow and easy to fit into your days routine. They have become an important part of my setting up for clients time, for success instead of thinking and focusing on everything that could go wrong”. Lisa

“A great resource, much needed in the image industry”.

“Really gets you thinking about the experiences you want and focusing on that which silences the monkey mind” Libby
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