About QCIC

Sue does like to be different, she learnt the rule book, then she broke it, ripped out and shredded most of it then she set about creating a holistic colour analysis method that worked for each and every client that would wrap them up deeply inside and out embracing the energies of colour in the best possible way for each of them.

Rules and colour are two words that don’t go together. If it looks and feels right, it is right. 

QCIC was founded by Sue Cocks in 2004. Since then it has grown into a company with a world wide presence. We specialise in modern ways of doing colour analysis, but also do style too.

QCIC stands for Quintessential Colours International Coaching.

QCIC is on a mission to transform the dated, long winded and traditional ways of learning and doing colour into easy to learn techniques that can be learnt in person or from the comfort of your home.

We are not for telling you to look at a clients hair and eyes, make assumptions and grab some drapes and go for it. This is a recipe for disaster. Its no wonder so many women have lost confidence in their ability to see  skin undertone. We use simple, very effective teaching methods and tools for successful client sessions.

We will be your BFF (best friend forever) if you want to see colour easily and quickly, with no drama, no stress, just having lots of fun and interactive sessions with your clients/friends. We will liberate you from restrictions & free you to be the best you can be, doing colour in the way you wish to.




I invite you to browse through the training options, call and have a chat to see if we’re a match for you.

I invite you to browse through our products and see how they can really help you. Especially check out our colour analysis wands, our top selling product.


Sue was previously a personal shopper for Marks and Spencer at their flagship store in Marble Arch, London plus she was a retail manager for Next.

Her clients come from all walks of life and include Members of Parliament and staff, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Office Managers and individuals who may not work but fill a valuable contribution to many people in their lives and want to feel and look good.

You can contact QCIC by telephone on +44 (0) 1737 354654 or use the contact form.


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